Nuke Callouts

Nuke is a bomb defusal map that has existed in the series since Counter-Strike 1.6. Set in the United States, Nuke is a unique map due to it having two levels, or floors: upper, and lower. This makes it particularly key to nail all of the callouts on the map. The complex nature and narrow entrance points to securing either of the bombsites work towards making this a CT-sided map, perhaps the most CT-sided map in common rotation.

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This map and the callouts are the same (or very similar) in both CS2 and CS:GO.

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Hover over locations on the interactive map below to view detailed descriptions for all Nuke callouts. Alternatively, search the callouts table at the bottom of this page to find information about a specific callout.
Nuke Callouts 2024

Callouts Table

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Callout Description
T Spawn

This is the area that the terrorist team spawns in.

CT Spawn

The location that the counter-terrorist team players spawn within.


The area between Silo, Garage, Secret and A Main.

A Site

The region in which the bomb can be planted at A.

B Site

The area that the bomb can be planted within on B.


The large warehouse near CT Spawn, and next to Secret. Commonly CT AWPers will play here, watching Silo.


The ramp that leads down to B Site, and the region/room surrounding it.

CT Box

The box near CT spawn and close to the stairs that lead from CT Spawn.

T Roof

The roof above Lobby. You can access this roof from a ladder near T Spawn. When on this roof, you can access Silo.


The closest room to T Spawn, that is surrounded by Sandbags (essentially A Site), Squeaky, and Radio.


The room in between Lobby and Trophy, which was sign posted as Radio in the old Nuke map. It now has vending machines in it.


The room with trophies in it, next to Radio and Control.


The room that leads on to Ramp from Trophy.


The area just off Lobby that has a squeaky door that leads on to A Site.


Vent refers to any area inside the vent system that connects A Site, Secret, and B Site together.


Hell is the area under Heaven, near T Spawn and next to Turn Pike and Locker.


Heaven is the raised area that looks out onto A Site, it can be accessed via the ladder in Hell.


The Locker Room that has a window in it looking out onto Garage and CT Red. It is next to Hell.


The box at the back of ramp, a common spot for CTs to AWP.


The sand bags between Lobby and Hut.


Hut refers to the metal hut on A Site, that connects Lobby to A Site. A common spot for CTs to molly to prevent rushes from the terrorist team.


Tetris refers to the boxes in front of Hut.


Mustang refers to the raised area next to rafters and above the entrance/exit to Hut from A Site.


Rafters refers to the raised area that is connected to Heaven and Rafters - it essentially runs along the back wall of A Site.


Bridge is the Bridge that connects Rafters to Mustang.

Turn Pike

Turn Pike is the room between Ramp and Hell.


Stack refers to the boxes in the Turn Pike-side corner of Ramp.


Boost refers to the Boxes next to the entrance to Ramp from Control.

Big Box

Big Box is the area around and on the Big Box just above the ramp that leads to B Site.

T Red

T Red refers to the red shipping container in Outside, located close to Silo.

CT Red

CT Red refers to the red shipping container at Outside, located close to Garage.


Main is the room that connects A Site to Outside.


Window is the room with a large (smashable) window that looks out onto B Site.


Dark refers to the corner next to the stairs on B Site. It is named Dark because, well, it's pretty dark!


Decon is the room with the single door that connects Back Vents/Tunnel to B Site (not the double doors).

Back Vents

Back Vents refers to the region between Decon and Tunnel, that Vents leads out on to.


Tunnels refers to any tunnel at B not covered by the Secret, Back Vents, or Window callouts - essentially the region between these areas.


Doors refers to the double doors that lead from Tunnels/Window onto B Site.

Bottom Ramp

Bottom Ramp is the lower part of ramp.


The large Silo that can be accessed from T Roof and overlooks Outside.


The staircase that leads from Outside to Tunnels.