Overpass Callouts

Overpass is a bomb defusal map set in Germany, and one of the rare popular maps in CS:GO that was added to this version of the game only, rather than being carried over from older Counter-Strike versions. As most maps are, Overpass is seen as a map where the Counter Terrorist side has the advantage. Its multi-layered structure make some of the callouts very key to get correct, so it's worth brushing up on your knowledge here!

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This map and the callouts are the same (or very similar) in both CS2 and CS:GO.

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Overpass Callouts 2024

Callouts Table

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Callout Description
A Site

The area in which the bomb can be planted on the A bombsite.

B Site

The B Bombsite. This call refers to people directly on the wooden platform that the bomb can be planted on.

T Spawn

The bottom of the map where the Terrorists spawn.

A Long

The Long park area that leads all the way from Mid / Fountain area to the A Bombsite. An AWPers paradise.

Upper Tunnels

The portion of the tunnels that connect T Spawn to the Mid area outside A. These connect to Lower Tunnels which lead through to Connector.

Lower Tunnels

The portion of tunnels that lead from Upper Tunnels to Connector, accessed by dropping down a ladder from Upper Tunnels.


The Connector that leads from Lower Tunnels up to outside Toilets on the A side of the map.


The platform next to Toilets that is decorated with picnic benches and balloons.


The area of the map next to Toilets, Party and the exit of Connector. Crossing from Fountain to Toilets brings you through Mid.


The area around the Fountain that is found just before Mid on the A side of the map.


The fenced-off Playground area, behind Fountain and directly opposite the exit of Upper Tunnels when approaching A from T Spawn.


This Rock is located on A Long, and is the first thing an enemy could be hiding behind when pushing Long as a T.


The Tree is located to the left of A Long, close to the Long Toilets area, and can be hidden behind by players to make them invisible when an enemy first checks Long from Playground side. The Tree can be wallbanged.

Long Toilets

The side of Toilets that protrudes out onto A Long.

Long Boost

The flowerbed that can be boosted up onto, or reached with a skillful jump from the bench next to it. It provides good vision onto the A Site and can catch CT players off guard.

Close Left (Long)

The small corner next to the exit of A Long onto the A Site that can be hidden behind. Maybe this doesn't count as a callout, but it's worth knowing!


The Van located at the back of the A Bombsite, right next to Bank.


The Bank callout refers to the Bank at the back of the A Bombsite, which has an exit that gives vision over much of the A Bombsite and is right next to a dumpster for cover.

Default (A)

The default plant spot on the A Bombsite, which is just between the two green boxes opposite the entrance to the site when coming from Mid.


The truck to the right side of the A Site when approaching from Mid or A Long.


The Bins at the back of the A Bombsite that connect to Snipers and B. These come out right to a dumpster, so you may hear that call also.


The long set of Toilets / Restrooms that run from Mid all the way to the entrance of A.

A Short

This is located right by the entrance to the A Site where Mid tails off and turns into A Short, coming right to the stairs that mark the entrance onto A.


The flowerbed located to the left of Toilets as you approach the A Bombsite. Can be headcamped by players so a useful call to know.


A different call to most maps, as this doesn't usually refer to the CT Spawn, which is on the A Bombsite. This call usually points to there being players at the back of A, in the stairwalls and tunnels that snake between Snipers, Stairs and Bank.


The tunnel that leads directly into B from T Spawn.


The area outside of the Monster tunnel that provides routes to both Monster and Short Tunnel.

Short Tunnel

The tunnel that leads towards Construction / Water.


The water-logged area that is next to B Short, Connector and Short Tunnel.


The door at the end of Connector that leads onto Construction / Water.

B Short

The entrance onto the B Site coming from Construction / Water. It enters directly onto the Site and features a set of sandbags on it.


The set of sandbags located on B Short. They will commonly be hidden behind by players, so is a call you'll probably hear often.


The area you will come out onto if you approach the B Site from Monster.


The large, circular Pillar that sits on the center of the B Site.

Toxic Barrels

A set of barrels at the side of the B Site that can give an excellent angle on people exiting Monster.


The dark area behind the B Bombsite that is covered in water. Dropping onto the Site from Heaven will have you landing in Pit.


The raised metal platform that provides a complete vantage point to watch B from.


The small, boxed off corner at the back of B. Players can be boosted from here to give them a viewpoint of Construction / Water.


The cafe sign opposite bench, on the other side of the wall to Long Toilets.


The bench opposite Cafe.


The room between Bank and Stairs near A Site.


The stretch of concrete next to B Site that takes you from Sandbags to Walkway.


The spot at which players can boost from Water to see onto B Site.


The ladder that takes you from Upper Tunnels to Lower Tunnels.


The signpost near A Site, on the wall that spans between the exits to A Long and A Short.


Hitmarker is located just at the start of A Long, right as Terrorists expose themselves to A Long for the first time. It is named "Hitmarker" as often AWP shots will clip players through the wall that stands by this area, dealing them heavy damage but not killing them.