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Train is an old-school bomb defusal map in the Counter-Strike series, appearing as far back as CS 1.6. It is set in Russia, and is seen as one of the more advanced maps to master in its playstyle and callouts. It is known as one of the maps with the most clear divide between which of the Terrorists or Counter Terrorists are favored, as it is widely agreed that the CT side is much easier to play on.

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This map is only available on CS:GO.

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Callout Description
T Spawn

The area where the Terrorists spawn, located in the top left of the map.

A Main

The main entrance into A from T Spawn, which has a large opening that directly faces Blue Train.

T Stairs

The stairway immediately to the right of T Spawn that runs upwards towards B Halls and ultimately the B bombsite.

Brown Halls

The narrow corridor that connects the B Halls, that sits just outside the B bombsite with T Spawn and T Stairs. Brown stairs run parallel to Showers, and are separated by a wall.


Located above T Connector/A Main are a set of Showers, that run parallel to the Brown Halls.


The small ladder located just before B Halls that leads down onto A Yard, just next to E Box. The ladder room itself and the area above are both referred to as Popdog generally.

B Halls

The small area located directly behind the B bombsite that the Terrorists will often prepare executes from. These halls lead onto both Lower and Upper.

B Ramp

One of the two entrances onto the B Site, B Ramp is the first that Ts will cross if coming from B Halls, and is the lower down of the two entrances.

Upper B

One of two entrances onto the B Site, Upper B is the entrance that is raised much higer than Lower Ramp, and is further away from the T Spawn than Lower is.


This Ladder is located immediately to the left of exiting Upper B and coming onto Catwalk, and provides a safe way down onto the Site.


A set of Spools on the B Site, opposite the bomb train, that players will often hide behind to give them an angle that can be deadly if left unchecked.


The Catwalk comes immediately after Upper B, and is what players will cross onto upon moving through the archway from Upper to the bombsite.


Headshot is located at the very end of Catwalk on Upper B, where players can crouch down on a Spool to have only their head showing.

Bomb Train (B)

The train in the center of the B Site where the bomb can be planted on or around.


The white train on B Site, located just outside of Lower B / B Ramp.


The yellow train on B Site, located behind Bomb Train.

Red (B)

The red train on B Site, located right next to Z Connector.


The black oil train on B Site, located right next to Headshot / Catwalk.


The platform that runs from Lower B / B Ramp up until Z Connector.

Z Connector

The connector between the A and B bombsite.

CT Spawn

The area of the map where the CTs spawn. This callout can also refer to the back of the B Site, as there are two doorways that are accessible from CT Spawn that players could be located at.

Back Site (B)

The back of the B site, behind Oil and Red trains, that borders with CT Spawn.

CT Stairs

The stairway that runs from CT Spawn towards Ivy.

Old Bomb

The train in the alleyway nearest to CT Spawn, that connects CT Stairs with the A Site. Named as it used to be the Bomb Train for A in previous iterations of the map.


The small alley that runs between Old Bomb and the wall, closest to the side of CT Spawn.


The small alley that runs between Old Bomb and the wall, closest to the side of Ivy.


The alley that leads out from Ivy onto the A Site / CT Tunnel.

CT Tunnel

The back offices between Ivy, the CT Stairs and the A bombsite. It can be used by Ts who have taken control of Ivy to wrap through and attack the B Site from CT Spawn.


The long connector that leads from Alley to A3 and onwards to the A bombsite. Named Ivy for the Ivy that can be seen growing near to it.


The dumpster outside of Ivy. This can be hidden behind or climbed on top of to provide an off-angle, so is an important call in the Ivy area.


The long back-alley that leads from T Spawn all the way to Ivy.


The small cubby next to Blue Train that faces A Main / T Con. Not to be confused with the cubby by Green Train which is called "Hell".


The small gap between Blue and Green train at the top of the A Site.


The small cubby next to Green Train that faces towards Ivy. Not to be confused with the cubby by Blue Train called "Olof".

Red (A)

The Red Train on the A Site, located closer to the Bomb Train than Blue and Green.


The Blue Train on the A Site, directly outside of A Main / T Con.


The Green Train on the A Site, directly outside of Ivy / A3.

E Box

The Electric Box that stands between Popdog and the A Bomb Train. A common position to defend Popdog from.

Bomb Train (A)

The Bomb Train on A that the bomb can be planted on or around, located right next to Z Connector.


The skybox above the A Bombsite that can be reached with a ladder, and has expansive windows to see the majority of A from.


The small alcove where the ladder that leads up to Heaven is on the A Site.


The region between Ivy and Alley.


The wall on A Site between A3 and A2.


The kitchen that lies between T Stairs and Showers.


The area between Bomb Train and White, where the player Summit1g famously was killed by his own molotov.