cl_radar_scale Command

cl_radar_scale [Radar Scale]

This command adjusts the scale of your radar, which affects how zoomed in or out the radar is. A lot of players use this command to zoom the radar out and have a complete view of the map.


Arguments are parameters that you add to a command. Find information about this command's arguments below.

Radar ScaleA number between 0.25 and 1. The smaller the number, the more zoomed out the radar appears. The larger the number, the more zoomed in the radar appears. The default value for this command is 0.7.

Extra Info

Sv_cheats Required? No
Client or Server Command? Client
Default Value 0

cl_radar_scale Examples

Find below working examples of this command (copy and paste into console).

cl_radar_scale 0.45

Zooms the radar out. On most maps, this will show the entire map in the radar meaning you can see where all teammates are at once. When using a view that shows the whole radar, most players also use the command "cl_radar_rotate 0" to stop the map from rotating.

cl_radar_scale 1

Zooms the radar in. This won't give you much map vision aside from where your character is.

cl_radar_scale 0.7

Restores your radar scale to its default value.