CS:GO cl_disablehtmlmotd Command

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cl_disablehtmlmotd <0 / 1>

This command can be used to disable HTML "messages of the day" (MOTDs)in the client (by setting it to 1). HTML MOTDs are the the web pages/text that pops up when you join a server, sometimes they play volume or loud ads. Default is 0, which makes HTML MOTDs enabled.

Argument Information

The syntax for this command is as follows:
Name Description
0 / 1

Enter 1 to disable HTML motds. Enter 0 to turn them back on (default).

Extra Information

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sv_cheats Required
Client or Server Command
Default Value
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cl_disablehtmlmotd null
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0 / 1

cl_disablehtmlmotd Examples

cl_disablehtmlmotd 1

Disables HTML motd's.

cl_disablehtmlmotd 0

Enables HTML motd's.