CS2 & CS:GO ff_damage_reduction_bullets Command

CS:GO & CS2 Compatible
ff_damage_reduction_bullets <Multiplier>

This command sets the multiplier for bullet damage made to friendly teammates. The amount of normal damage is multiplied by this number. So if you set this to 0.5 and your bullet would've done 20 damage, it'd be 20 * 0.5, which would mean only 10 damage is done in friendly fire. Setting this to 0 would mean bullets do 0 damage to friendly teammates. Note that this command only has an effect when friendly fire is enabled.

Argument Information

The syntax for this command is as follows:
Name Description

The multiplier for friendly damage. If set to 1, damage would be the same to friendly teammates as it would to hostiles. If set to 0, there would be 0 damage done by bullets to friendly teammates. If set to 0.5, bullets would do half damage.

Extra Information

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sv_cheats Required
Client or Server Command
Default Value
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Command Generator

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ff_damage_reduction_bullets 0
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ff_damage_reduction_bullets Examples

ff_damage_reduction_bullets 0

This command would set the damage reduction multiplier to 0, making bullets from friendly fire do 0 damage.

ff_damage_reduction_bullets 0.25

This command would set the damage reduction multiplier to 0.25, making bullets from friendly fire do 0.25x the normal damage (so, 25%).

ff_damage_reduction_bullets 1

This command would set the damage reduction multiplier for friendly fire to 1, meaning friendly fire does the same damage as normal fire.