How to Mute Ads in CS:GO

It makes them a little more tolerable.

Whether you’re looking to train your aim, test out different skin combinations, or are simply looking to have some fun with friends, community servers are certainly the way to go. Often set up by fellow players like yourself, they can be a relaxing break from the fast-paced environment of the usual competitive game modes. However, this isn’t without them having some flaws.

One of the main issues found with community servers is their use of ads. These will often play at random times during gameplay, and will play audio that can often interfere and overlap with in-game sounds. If you’re in a tight situation and don’t quite have the time to close and mute an ad manually, then you'll be happy to know that there are ways to mute ads before they even show up.

Mute With Launch Option

Please note that this option affects the use of some commands like .stats and .players in PUGs (as these open the CS:GO web browser, which we disable with this launch option).

The most effective way of muting ads is through entering -no-browser into your launch options.

To use this method, first head to your Steam library, which can be done through clicking the LIBRARY button at the top left corner of your Steam launcher:

Library Steam tab

Next, head to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and then right click on it. On the new pop-up, you’ll need to click on the Properties… button:

CS:GO settings button in Steam

Next, make sure you’re on the General tab of the properties menu. This can be done by clicking General at the left side of the menu:

General settings tab for CS:GO in Steam

Next, at the bottom of the General section, you should see an area called LAUNCH OPTIONS. This is where you’ll need to type in the launch option -no-browser, as shown below:

-no-browser launch option in the CS:GO launch options setting to disable ads

Once it’s been typed in, all you’ll need to do now is close the properties menu and join your desired community server!


Mute With Console Command

Another method that you’ll be able to use to mute ads in CS:GO is through typing cl_disablehtmlmotd 1 into your developer console. However, many servers have now created a detection system for this command, which means it may not work on your desired server. To use this method, first launch CS:GO, and open the developer console by pressing the ` key on your keyboard. Then type the following command into the console and hit Enter on your keyboard:

cl_disablehtmlmotd 1

cl_disablehtmlmotd console command in the CS:GO console

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