The Best White CS2 Skins and Stickers

They'd be hard to keep clean IRL!

Color-themed inventories in Counter-Strike 2 are a fantastic way to make your character model stand out. Amidst your teammate’s vanilla skins and mismatch of other designs, you’ll stand tall as that person who’s taken the time to look the business.

These are our favorite white CS2 skins to make an epic white loadout. Whatever your standard loadout in game, we reckon we’ll have what you need to get it all uniformly white.

1 . Galil AR | Tuxedo (Factory New)

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Galil AR | Tuxedo (Factory New)

We said these skins would make you look the business, and the Galil Tuxedo does that in every form of the word! With the coolest blend of black and white you’ll see on a skin, this skin might even tempt us to buy a Galil over an AK even on a full buy.

2 . SG 553 | Damascus Steel (Factory New)

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SG 553 | Damascus Steel (Factory New)

When you crank up any Damascus Steel skin to Factory New, you unlock a myriad of silver colors slithering their way up and down the gun. The same goes for the SG 553 (Kreig), making it right at home in this list.

3 . G3SG1 | Polar Camo (Factory New)

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G3SG1 | Polar Camo (Factory New)

Is the auto-sniper nooby? Perhaps. But does it still make an appearance every so often? Most players would say yes, and with the Polar Camo you can add it your white loadout.

4 . M4A4 | Urban DDPAT (Factory New)

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M4A4 | Urban DDPAT (Factory New)

The cheaper option to add your M4A1-S to your collection of white skins is with the Urban DDPAT. And as cheap skins go, we think this one is actually really good looking.

5 . M4A1-S | Mecha Industries (Minimal Wear)

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M4A1-S | Mecha Industries (Minimal Wear)

If you’re an M4A1-S player, then the best option to get a white skin on the weapon is with the Mecha Industries. A delightful combo of white, black and the slightest touch of orange make this a real beauty.

6 . FAMAS | Mecha Industries (Factory New)

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FAMAS | Mecha Industries (Factory New)

The M4A1-S did it first, and set the trend for other skins to follow on the Mecha Industries. For just $4, the Factory New version of this gun looks great and doesn’t make the wallet cry too much.

7 . Galil AR | Winter Forest (Minimal Wear)

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Galil AR | Winter Forest (Minimal Wear)

Looking like a winter camouflage skin straight out of Call of Duty, the arctic colors here make it a welcome addition to this collection.

8 . Negev | Palm (Minimal Wear)

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Negev | Palm (Minimal Wear)

It might not be the gun you use the most, but since it’s buff from Valve it’s well worth slapping a white skin on your Negev, too!

9 . AWP | Asiimov (Field-Tested)

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AWP | Asiimov (Field-Tested)

For years the AWP Asiimov held a special place in the game as the skin in CS:GO. In the last few years several challengers have come, but there’s no doubting this primarily-white skin is still a gorgeous sight.

10 . AK-47 | Asiimov (Field-Tested)

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AK-47 | Asiimov (Field-Tested)

When the AK-47 got draped in the iconic Asiimov colors that always make a skin 100% badass, we got hyped. And, it made the mainstay rifle on the T side a weapon we could add to this list!

11 . M4A4 | Asiimov (Field-Tested)

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M4A4 | Asiimov (Field-Tested)

The M4A4 Asiimov is more costly than the Urban DDPAT, but for shelling out those extra bucks you get to join the elite family of Asiimov owners.

12 . SSG 08 | Detour (Factory New)

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SSG 08 | Detour (Factory New)

We’d be all for the Detour being added on additional skins. The intricate pattern on a stark white background makes for a really unique and captivating skin.

13 . MP7 | Whiteout (Minimal Wear)

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MP7 | Whiteout (Minimal Wear)

The Whiteout skins - on both the MP7 and P250 - are the gods of the white CS:GO skins. It’s a shame there aren’t more Whiteout skins, but their infrequency means you gotta pick the two that exist up!

14 . MP9 | Hypnotic (Factory New)

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MP9 | Hypnotic (Factory New)

We’d lovingly refer to the MP9 as an underrated SMG on the CT side, and the black waves running down a white backdrop on the hypnotic make it a great skin for this list.

15 . P90 | Glacier Mesh (Minimal Wear)

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P90 | Glacier Mesh (Minimal Wear)

It’s tough to find white P90 skins, but the Glacier Mesh does a great job with its icy overlay to make this a fitting addition.

16 . PP-Bizon | Bamboo Print (Minimal Wear)

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PP-Bizon | Bamboo Print (Minimal Wear)

Light grey bamboo trees are set against a cream-colored background to make this skin exude an air of tranquility. Now you can pull off those Dust 2 Lower B Tunnels rushes in style.

17 . P250 | Whiteout (Minimal Wear)

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P250 | Whiteout (Minimal Wear)

Just as elegant and sleek as the MP7 Whiteout is its pistol cousin, the P250. You can pick up this heavenly skin in Factory New if you have the budget, but it’s significantly more expensive than the Minimal Wear.

18 . P2000 | Ivory (Factory New)

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P2000 | Ivory (Factory New)

If you prefer to hit those CT headshots with a P2000, then the Ivory will wrap more than half of your gun in a color somewhere between cream and white, and certainly goes well with a white loadout.

19 . USP-S | Road Rash (Minimal Wear)

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USP-S | Road Rash (Minimal Wear)

The ruggedness of this skin makes it seem as though it itself was skidding along a road, and caught a rash from the friction. Most importantly, though, is that the primary color you’ll see on the skin is white.

20 . Dual Berettas | Stained (Factory New)

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Dual Berettas | Stained (Factory New)

We’ve likened the Stained series of skins as looking simply like washed cutlery that has some water marks on it. These dualies are no different, and shine in a catching steel color.

21 . Five-SeveN | Kami (Factory New)

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Five-SeveN | Kami (Factory New)

Crested with an interesting cartoon-y pattern on the top of this gun, this is the Five-Seven to go for when building a white loadout.

22 . CZ75-Auto | Tuxedo (Factory New)

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CZ75-Auto | Tuxedo (Factory New)

Just like the Galil Tuxedo, this CZ skin is suited and booted up to the max. There doesn’t exist many color combinations that look as effortlessly cool as black and white.

23 . Tec-9 | Urban DDPAT (Factory New)

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Tec-9 | Urban DDPAT (Factory New)

With half of this skin’s glitches being white, you’ll be a blur of white and black squares as you charge out of B Tunnels to pounce on the (hopefully) fully blind enemy team.

24 . Desert Eagle | Hypnotic (Factory New)

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Desert Eagle | Hypnotic (Factory New)

If you’re a keen marksman on the Deagle then not only will this skin fit perfectly into your white loadout, it’ll also give you an extra chance to brag about your hypnotizing one deags.

25 . R8 Revolver | Bone Mask (Factory New)

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R8 Revolver | Bone Mask (Factory New)

We don’t R8 the revolver at all, but maybe 1% of our readers will. If that’s you, then we’ve got you covered with a primarily-white skin.

26 . Tec-9 | Bamboo Forest (Factory New)

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Tec-9 | Bamboo Forest (Factory New)

If you’re looking for a Tec-9 skin that’s a bit cleaner than the Urban DDPAT, then the Bamboo Forest is another with a primarily-white body to consider when building your inventory.

27 . Nova | Polar Mesh (Factory New)

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Nova | Polar Mesh (Factory New)

Who puts skins on the Nova? People who always like to look their best, that’s who. With brushes of white and dark grey along this skin, it’s a real looker for such a low price.

28 . MAG-7 | Silver (Factory New)

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MAG-7 | Silver (Factory New)

Intensely shiny and looking like a weapon from the future, the MAG-7 Silver is the closest to a white skin you’ll find on this shotgun.

29 . MAC-10 | Silver (Factory New)

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MAC-10 | Silver (Factory New)

The main body of this skin is coated in sleek, shiny silver, and is light enough for us to be able to include it in this list without a second thought.

30 . ★ Bayonet | Freehand (Minimal Wear)

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★ Bayonet | Freehand (Minimal Wear)

The Bayonet Freehand is one of the most handsome knives in CS:GO and a fantastic way to top off your white loadout if you can afford it. Inscribed on the cool white background are markings - thin and thick - in purple to make for an awesome end product.

31 . ★ Flip Knife | Damascus Steel (Factory New)

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★ Flip Knife | Damascus Steel (Factory New)

Another choice for a knife to round off your color themed inventory is any Damascus Steel knife. It’s important to get this in Factory New to get the most from the mesmerizing swirls on the knife, and the Flip Knife allows you to pick one up for a very reasonable price.

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