How to Turn Off Auto Director (CS:GO)

Stop that camera switching perspective!

If you’ve ever watched a match directly through CS:GO, then you’ve probably noticed how the camera often automatically switches perspective. This is called “auto director”, a feature which changes the viewer’s perspective based on where the current most important events of the round are taking place. As useful as this can be, you may prefer to simply spectate a single player only, or watch over a certain location without the view being changed.

Method 1: Turn Off with Console Commands

When watching your own CS:GO replays, all you’ll need to do to turn off auto director is to switch your camera’s perspective to another player. To do this, simply left or right click your mouse whilst spectating a player. Alternatively, you can type spec_next into the console:


spec_next console command

To turn it back on, you'll need to use the hot key which is explained in the guide below.


Method 2: Turn Off with Hotkey

Alternatively, you can press the key assigned to the Radio function to turn auto director off. If you’re looking for which key it’s assigned to, simply look under the currently spectated player's name. For example, the key to enable the Radio function below is Z:

Auto Director on setting highlighted in spectator GUI

To change or double check which key it’s assigned, go into your CS:GO settings, search Radio in the settings search bar, and click on the Radio Message option:

Radio Settings in search

This will take you to the Communication Options section of settings, where you can see the Radio Message key set in the example below is Z:

Changing the key the radio message function is bound to

To change the key, click Z and then hit the key you'd like to assign to radio message. This key will then work to toggle auto director on or off when spectating.

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