How to Enable Voice Loopback

The answer can be found *hear*!

Voice loopback is a feature that replays the sound from your microphone into your headphones, allowing you to hear yourself as you speak in-game. There can be a little delay between when you speak and when the microphone output is played in your speakers - this is normal and cannot be avoided.

There are many reasons you may wish to use the voice loopback feature in CS:GO or CS2. For some, it is preference, but it can be also be used to diagnose and fix background noise or poor quality microphone issues.

Voice loopback is enabled via the developer console, so you’ll need to enable the developer console if you haven’t already.

Open the developer console (by pressing the ` or ~ key on your keyboard) and run the following command to enable voice loopback:

voice_loopback 1

To disable voice loopback (stop hearing your mic playback), enter the following command into the console:

voice_loopback 0


Easy as that, now get back in game! You may also be interested in reading some more of our guides or finding out about some of the thousands of console commands in Counter-Strike on our console commands list.

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