How to Enable Buy Anywhere

Why return to the buy zone?

When practicing in an offline or private server, it can be infuriating having to return to spawn in order to buy a different gun or more grenades. Thankfully, the mp_buy_anywhere command allows you to enable access to the buy menu from anywhere in the map.

To use the mp_buy_anywhere command, you'll need to have the developer console enabled. If you haven't done that, check out our guide on enabling it. You can open the console by pressing the ` or ~ keys. If you are on a server (not offline mode), you will also need to be admin, if you aren't, check out our rcon guide here.

Typing the following command into the console will enable buy anywhere for all players and teams on your current server:

mp_buy_anywhere 1 Copy

If you want to be able to buy after the buy time at the start of the round has ended, you will also need to use this command:

mp_buytime 60000 Copy

After enabling the buy anywhere setting, you can disable it by typing this command:

mp_buy_anywhere 0 Copy

You can also configure this command to enable access for just one team:

  • mp_buy_anywhere 2 - enables access to the buy menu from anywhere for the terrorist team only
  • mp_buy_anywhere 3 - enables access to the buy menu from anywhere for the counter terrorist team only

That's all there is to the buy anywhere command. If you want to learn more about CS:GO commands and servers, check out our guides page or our CS:GO commands list.


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