All About ADR in CS:GO & CS2

The higher the better.

When it comes to measuring Counter-Strike performance, there are various metrics out there for people to use. Statistics like K/D ratio (kill/death ratio), utility damage, as well as total game score are all useful when determining how skilled a particular player is. Another useful stat is ADR, which although may seem intimidating at the surface, is a very simple concept underneath.

What is ADR?

Standing for “Average Damage per Round”, ADR calculates an average of how much damage a player deals per round against enemies. This means the higher the ADR, the more damage a player normally deals, and typically the better the player is. However, ADR only factors in the total amount of lethal damage done to an enemy. For example, if you headshot a helmeted-enemy for 108 damage with an AK-47, only 100 damage would be factored into the ADR calculation (i.e. the amount needed to kill the enemy).


How to View ADR

If you’re in-game and wondering what your or another player’s ADR is, there’s a few simple steps you’ll need to follow. First, you’ll need to press the TAB key to open the leaderboard. From here, you’ll need to click on the Cycle Stats button at the top right corner of the leaderboard:

Cycle Stats button in the CS:GO and CS2 leaderboard

Next, look for the ADR column. The number displayed in that column is the particular player’s ADR. For example, the ADR for ron burgundy would be 118:

Highlighted is the ADR column in CS:GO and CS2 leaderboard

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