Best CS:GO Surf Maps

No waves needed.

Although popular for its more competitive deathmatch and ranked game modes, CS:GO also hosts other options for those looking for a more pacifistic approach. One of the current popular options is the “surfing” mode, where players are challenged with moving different ramps at high speed, whilst retaining momentum to prevent falling to their death. If you’re looking to try this mode out, simply search for a surf server using the community server browser, or visit the community workshop to browse all of the different maps available.



If you’re a seasoned veteran, then you’ve at some point probably come across surf_beginner. Although not as popular with more experienced surfers compared to other maps, surf_beginner is a great place to start if you’re new to surfing. With easy-to-learn levels and a range of different difficulties to try out, you’ll be sure to become a master of surfing in no time with surf_beginner.

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surf_beginner CS:GO surf map


With a name as heavenly as surf_utopia_v3, it’s no surprise that this particular map is one of the most aesthetically pleasing out there. Created all the way back in 2013, the map features a unique blue, red and grey colour scheme. It also hosts a variety of different and exciting levels to try out, meaning both beginners and experienced players can enjoy the various stages this map has to offer!

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surf_utopia_v3 CS:GO surf map


Another iconic map within the surfing community is the brightly-coloured surf_kitsune. Featuring nine different levels to try out, and all hosting a different neon colour scheme, you’ll be sure to enjoy progressing through the different levels the map has to offer. You’ll also be timed for each level you complete, which means even if you’ve completed the map, you’ll be able to head back and try to beat your times for each stage!

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surf_kitsune CS:GO surf map



Set within an underground mining facility, surf_mesa is certainly one of the more difficult surfing maps out there. Unlike most other surfing maps, surf_mesa doesn’t have any stages or checkpoints, which means falling off will put you right back at the start. This map is definitely not for beginners therefore, so prepare to be frustrated before attempting to complete surf_mesa!

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surf_mesa CS:GO surf map


With great views, fun to complete stages, and a beautiful sunset to admire, surf_summer ticks every box when it comes to CS:GO surfing maps. Made for beginners and veterans alike, its progressively more difficult stages make great fun and practise for every surfer out there. Not to mention its cool locations you get to explore, including skate parks, lighthouses, and even underwater stages, playing surf_summer is definitely a no-brainer.

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surf_summer CS:GO surf map

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