How to Fast Forward Counter-Strike Replays and Demos

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Watching back Counter-Strike replays is one of the best ways to evaluate your gameplay, and to also learn from other players’ strategies and tactics. Because competitive matches can be quite long, and sometimes you may want to watch certain moments multiple times, fast forwarding is essential when it comes to CS:GO and CS2 replays.

If you haven't already enabled the developer console, or are having trouble opening it, see this guide before continuing.


To fast forward a replay, first head into the replay you want to watch. Next, open the developer console by pressing the ` key on your keyboard (normally found beneath the ESC key). Once opened, type demoui into the text box, and then press the ENTER key:

demoui console command to bring up the demo user interface

This will then open the demoui controller at the left side of the screen. To fast forward, click the 2x button on the controller. This will play the replay at 2x speed:

Fast fowarding at 2x speed

To fast forward at 4x speed, you’ll need to click the 4x button:

Fast fowarding at 4x speed

If you’ve fast forwarded a bit too fast, or want to replay the moment again, you can slowly rewind the replay by clicking the < on the controller:

Rewinding the replay in CS:GO and CS2

Alternatively, you can click on the |< button, which will rewind the replay to the start of the match:

Rewinding a CS:GO or CS2 demo to the start of the match

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