Infinite Ammo Commands

Never run out!

If you're practicing in an offline game or private server, it can be annoying having to purchase new weapons every minute to re-stock on ammo. Using console commands, you can give yourself unlimited ammo. This guide will show you how.

You'll need to have the developer console and sv_cheats enabled in order to follow this guide. For help enabling the developer console, see this guide. To open the console, press ` or ~ on your keyboard. You can enable cheats by typing the following command into the console:

sv_cheats 1 Copy

With Reload

After enabling sv_cheats (with the sv_cheats 1 command), typing the following command into the console will give you unlimited ammunition, but will still require you to reload when you reach the end of a clip (e.g. after firing 30 bullets with the AK-47):

sv_infinite_ammo 2 Copy

Without Reload

Provided you have enabled cheats (by typing sv_cheats 1 into the console), the following command will give you unlimited ammo in your gun's clip (meaning you can fire bullets forever, without having to ever reload):

sv_infinite_ammo 1 Copy

We find that most people looking for unlimited ammunition also want "practice" settings like unlimited round time, the ability to buy anywhere and unlimited money. If you want this, copy and paste this command into your console to apply those settings to your game/server:

sv_cheats 1;sv_infinite_ammo 2;sv_grenade_trajectory 1;mp_maxmoney 65535;mp_startmoney 65535;mp_afterroundmoney 65535;mp_buytime 60000;mp_buy_anywhere 1;mp_roundtime_defuse 60;mp_roundtime_hostage 60;mp_roundtime 60;mp_restartgame 1 Copy

Hopefully you found this guide helpful. If you're looking for more practice-related commands, check out these guides:


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