Infinite Round Time Commands

Good for practice!

When practicing in an offline game or private server, it definitely isn't convenient for the round to end just shy of two minutes after it started. With commands, you can extend the duration of round to make it longer or practically unlimited.

In order to use console commands, the developer console needs to be enabled. This can be done under "Game Settings" in the settings menu (view our guide for more help). You can open the console by pressing ` (grave) or ~ (tilde) on your keyboard.

Entering the following line of commands (copy and paste) into the console would give you an infinite round time and restart the game automatically:

mp_roundtime_defuse 60;mp_roundtime_hostage 60;mp_roundtime 60;mp_restartgame 1 Copy

If you're practicing and also want the ability to buy at any time, from any location in the map, entering the following command would do that:

mp_buy_anywhere 1;mp_buytime 60000 Copy

If you want to know what each of those commands in the above list does, below they are explained.

As we aren't sure what type of game you (the reader) wants to give unlimited round time in, we set the round time to 60 minutes (the highest it can be) for all three possible game modes. The mp_roundtime_defuse is used to set the time of rounds in competitive and casual demolition (normal) games:

mp_roundtime_defuse 60

The mp_roundtime_hostage command sets the time of rounds in hostage games:

mp_roundtime_hostage 60

The mp_roundtime command sets the time of rounds in all other games:

mp_roundtime 60

The mp_restartgame command restarts the game, so that the changes take effect:

mp_restartgame 1

That's all there is to this guide. If you're practicing in CS:GO, you might also want to give some of these pages a read:


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