Infinite Smoke and Nade Commands

Get those line-ups perfect!

If you're looking to practice throwing smokes or nades in an offline game or private server, you're going to want to have an infinite amount of them to avoid having to continuously return to spawn to purchase them. This article will show you how to use commands to give yourself:

  • Infinite Smokes
  • Infinite Grenades
  • Infinite Molotovs
  • Infinite Flashbangs

1. Enable and Open the Developer Console

Skip this step if you've already enabled and used the developer console previously.

In order to use console commands, you'll need to have the developer console enabled. Head to your settings, click Game, then select Yes for the Enable Developer Console option (more help can be found here). After enabling the console, open it up by pressing ` or ~ on your keyboard

2. Enable Cheats

Cheats must be enabled in order for these commands to work. You can do this by typing the following command into the console:

sv_cheats 1


3. Unlimited Nade Commands

Make sure you've enabled cheats with sv_cheats 1 (step 2), otherwise these commands won't work.

Using the following command will give you unlimited utility (smokes, flashes, grenades, etc):

sv_infinite_ammo 1

You can turn infinite smokes and nades off with the following command:

sv_infinite_ammo 0

Bonus: Practice Config

If you would like more of a "practice config", in which the rounds do not end and you have unlimited money, utility and ammo, copy and paste the following command into the console:

sv_cheats 1;sv_infinite_ammo 1;sv_grenade_trajectory 1;mp_maxmoney 65535;mp_startmoney 65535;mp_afterroundmoney 65535;mp_buytime 60000;mp_buy_anywhere 1;mp_roundtime_defuse 60;mp_restartgame 1

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