The Best AWP Skins Under 10 Dollars

Single digit prices!

The AWP is one of the coolest guns in CS:GO due to its unique ability to kill in one shot, so finding the best cheap AWP skins is important to swag out your inventory. Here are our best AWP skins under $10, accurate as of October 2018.

1. AWP Safari Mesh - Battle Scarred

Coming in as the cheapest AWP skin on this list, the battle-scarred Safari Mesh is a decent idea if you’re looking for something very cheap. Getting the most worn appearance is crucial as, on its own, the Safari Mesh skins are among the ugliest in the game. But when they’re battle-scarred you get a cool, rugged look that shows as much black/gray as it does the actual skin, making it almost look like an unpainted skin in parts.

2. AWP Pit Viper - Minimal Wear

Another astonishingly cheap AWP is the minimal wear Pit Viper AWP - which is probably the best looking skin in terms of value for money. It looks different to most AWP skins and adds a welcome touch of color to the weapon, making it a real bargain.

3. AWP Worm God - Factory New

The first factory new AWP and it only costs around a dollar. On the Worm God you get a cool graphic of vines, skulls, and all sorts of cool imagery you’d expect on much more expensive riles.

4. AWP Phobos - Factory New

The AWP Phobos has been out for a while now, yet doesn’t get the use it should. For pennies you can grab a cheap, unique skin – way below our budget of $10. Also, with it not receiving much attention from the majority of players, you’re likely to be the only person on your team with this skin most games.

5. AWP Corticera - Minimal Wear

A weapon skin that has been ignored by the majority of players due to how long it’s been around in CS:GO is the AWP Corticera. Despite its age, this skin has the lush color contrast you want in a weapon. For new and old players alike, either for a different skin or a nostalgic one, this is definitely one to look at.

6. AWP Fever Dream - Minimal Wear

The only skin on this list from 2017 is the Fever Dream and, luckily for us, its price is cheap enough for to look at its minimal wear version. The design looks almost graffiti-like, and has lots of quirky and stunning images to make this a killer of a skin for under 10 dollars. Make sure you do that #HEADSHOT proud, though.

7. AWP Man o’ War - Minimal Wear

To be able to get a minimal wear red skin for way under $10 is crazy, and it just happens that it’s one of the best looking AWP skins you’ll set your eyes on in the game. It’s relatively-modest price tag makes it affordable, too, and the Man-o’-war definitely takes our vote as the best skin of this list. It just looks so royal and polished.

8. AWP Pink DDPAT – Minimal Wear

The Pink DDPAT is a weapon that older fans of CS:GO can’t help but associate with GuardiaN, a sniper who made this skin his won. The factory new condition is above $10, but the minimal wear still looks stunning and is a great addition to any loadout.

9. AWP Elite Build - Factory New

For a good looking AWP skin that is in very good condition, you’d imagine paying much more than this small budget, yet you can grab the Elite Build for less than that. It’s not the cheapest AWP skin, but it sure looks nice. Belonging to the same family as the popular AK skin, this weapon does get a lot of use by the community, but that doesn’t stop it being one of the best looking AWP skins on this list.


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