The Best USP-S Skins

With pictures!

The USP-S has some great skins, ranging from very cheap all the way to the very top range. Here are our 13 best USP-S skins in CS:GO, ranging from the best, cheap skins to the more premium designs at the top of the spectrum. Prices accurate as of August 2019.

1. USP-S Cortex - Field Tested

Vivid pinks emanating from a hollow skull - not the most obvious pairing in the world. Still, we can’t deny the striking effect it arms this skin with. With wisps of color snaking their way along the length of the gun and culminating in the text “USP” on the silencer of the gun, this skin is a really outside-the-box choice for someone to add to their arsenal.

2. USP-S Para Green - Field Tested

Maybe it's just us, but we don't see this skin in-game a lot. Whether that's a good thing, we couldn't know for sure, but we think it is. Why? Because it means you can get an uncommon skin that doesn't look terrible for under one dollar! Sure, it's by no means a work of ark, but it's sleek and cheap fill to a gap in your CT-side loadout.

3. USP-S Cyrex - Field Tested

Stealing the gorgeous design of the M4A1-S Cyrex is its twin the USP-S Cyrex, which allows your CT in CS:GO to be fully outfitted in the red, white, and black. In Factory New this skin looks so good, and is one of the best USP-S skins you can get for those looking to spend under 10 dollars.

4. USP-S Blood Tiger - Factory New

The Blood Tiger is still a relatively cheap skin, despite having an awesome color set of red and dark grey. It’s Factory New too, so you’ll find it looks smooth as anything when you use it in game.

5. StatTrak™ USP-S Torque - Well Worn

Players in your game are going to be turning their heads with some serious torque to get a look at this if you were to own it!

6. USP-S Guardian - Minimal Wear

One of the classic USP-S skins in CS:GO is the Guardian, and it’s withstood the test of time and still holds its value in 2018. It has a simple but pleasing blue and black color scheme, as well as the CT logo on the weapon, and is a nice mid-range USP-S.

7. USP-S Stainless - Minimal Wear

An overlooked skin is the USP-S Stainless, which looks more belonging for a hitman than a T or CT, but looks the business nonetheless. Simplicity at its best is the best way to describe this USP.

8. USP-S Forest Leaves - Minimal Wear

Is this the nicest USP skin ever? No. But, with a low, low price of under $0.50, what purchasing this skin does mean is that you’ll finally have a different USP-S to use in place of the default version of this skin. And when you’ve played hundreds of hours as a CT, that can be a really nice switch up.

9. USP-S Neo-Noir - Battle Scarred

Coming into the expensive skins now means we really are getting the best skin masterpieces you can get on a pistol, firstly being the Neo-Noir, which was released last year in 2017 and is sure to get continued use in 2018. It is a gorgeous graphic and certainly up there with the best skins in the game, let alone just for the USP-S.

10. USP-S Check Engine - Well Worn

Some skins are subtle. Some aren't. We’ll let you guess which category this falls under. Move in silence with the stealthy USP-S, and let this outlandish and eye-catching skin do your talking. And you can’t go wrong with its price!

11. USP-S Torque - Field Tested

Another sleek looking USP-S skin is the Torque in Minimal Wear. Again you have a good condition skin, and the yellow, black, and white combine nicely on this skin making it one of the best USP-S skins you can find on a budget.

12. USP-S Lead Conduit - Battle Scarred

The USP-S Lead Conduit in Minimal Wear keeps a very modest price tag despite being in good condition with a good pattern, making this a great idea for a cheap USP-S skin.

13. USP-S Blueprint - Field Tested

Our personal favorite USP-S skin in terms of value for money is the Blueprint, a fairly new skin that was released in 2017. In good condition, this skin looks captivating with it’s deep blue fading into a darker top of the gun. This is a great skin for a low price, making it our personal skin CS:GO has for the USP-S if you’re looking to only spend a dollar or two.

14. USP-S Flashback - Field Tested

“BORN TO CLUTCH”. When you’re charging into a 1v3 in pistol round with that text on your gun, you know it’s on you to flip the advantage of the game back in your team’s favor. And you can’t not love the inclusion of a nice, long shhh on the gun’s silencer. Just, don’t be a monster and remove it.