Newest Knives Added to CS:GO in 2019

There's more than one!

We all know the knives that have been in the game for years: the M9, the Karambit, the Butterfly, etc. They're classics. But one group of knives are often neglected - what are those you ask? The new ones. The new ones? Yes, the new ones - aka. the knives that were most recently added to the game!

In August 2018, the Horizon Case was released, and along with this case came four new knife designs. These were:

  • Talon Knife
  • Ursus Knife
  • Stiletto Knife
  • Navaja Knife

Earlier than August 2018, there were three other knife designs added:

  • May 2015 - Falchion Knife
  • September 2015 - Shadow Daggers
  • Feburary 2016 - Bowie Knife

But don't go just yet! We've had a long search and prepared a list of what we think is the best selection of these seven newer knives. Check it out below.

1. Ursus Knife Fade - Factory New

Okay. At $400, it isn't the cheapest of knives, but you can't deny that the Ursus Fade is a beauty. The straightness of the Ursus's blade seems to give the Fade a different aura than it has on other knives - less chaotic, more elegant. If this knife fits your budget, it's worth a serious look.

2. Stiletto Knife Damascus Steel - Field Tested

You either love the Stiletto or you hate the Stiletto: it's very rare there's an opinion in between. Everyone who loves it knows that no knife rocks the Damascus Steel look quite as well as the Stiletto does. So, if you're one of the many that love the Stiletto, you know you've gotta get it in Damascus Steel. Field Tested has quite a big jump down in price from Minimal Wear, so if you've got an average budget (around $100), that's the condition to go for.

3. Talon Knife Ultraviolet - Field Tested

The Talon Knife is a bit like the Karambit's brother - they're both curved, menacing-looking, and are loved by many. Often times we find that the Talon's default cream handle contrasts very poorly with the colors a skin brings to a blade. This isn't the case with the Ultraviolet. The purple and dark gray are an awesome combination - futuristic and simple looking at the same time. We'd actually opt for a Field Tested condition Talon Ultraviolet over the Factory new for two reasons: it brings down the price by about 50%, and the scratches look pretty cool.

4. Navaja Knife

The Navaja, unfortunately, looks god-awful and downright silly with colorful skins. We looked through all of the combinations you could get and thought: there has to be at least something that looks good on a Navaja, surely? And then we saw it. The Vanilla Navaja Knife. Instantly our eyes lit up. It's simple and elegant, and although not for everyone, for some people this knife is nothing short of a perfect fit. If you love the look of this beauty as much as we do, it's worth checking out. It isn't too pricey either!

5. Falchion Knife Tiger Tooth - Factory New

The problem with other Tiger Tooth knives? The pattern is only on the blade, leaving the handle empty. The solution? A Falchion Knife. The Falchion Knife replicates the blade's pattern onto its handle as well, which means good-looking skins like the Tiger Tooth look extra spiffing on it. It's only available in Factory New and Minimal Wear, but the quality doesn't affect the price too much, so you've gotta go with a Factory New condition if you're getting one!

6. Shadow Daggers

When you think of Shadow Daggers, you think of covert ninjas hiding in the darkness - you definitely don't think of colorful rainbows and funky patterns. And although funky patterns are what some people want in an inventory, they aren't for everyone. That's where the Vanilla Shaddow Daggers come in, they are the second Vanilla knife to make an entrance to this list, and it's not hard to see why. They're cheap too, with prices under $70 in some cases. Check them out!

7. Bowie Knife Marble Fade - Factory New

The Bowie Knife was a really hard knife to pick skins to put in this list for because so many skins look great on it. That said, the Marble Fade definitely caught our eye. It's like regular a Fade but more chaotic. Not only is it, in our opinion, the best Bowie Knife skin, but it's definitely up there in our top 25 skins of all time.

8. Ursus Knife Night Stripe - Minimal Wear

So first things first, if you're getting an Ursus Knife, it has to be in either Factory New or Minimal Wear condition. The lower conditions don't look terrible but they can really affect the look and feel of the blade - it's a simple, smooth knife and having scratches and jagged edges just don't go well with its looks. With that out of the way, the Night Stripe is, in our opinion, the nicest Talon you can get at cheaper end of the price spectrum. With a price tag of around $150 in Minimal Wear condition it's not going to break the bank for those with a mid-sized budget. To conclude, it isn't the best, but it's pretty close, and if you love the Talon and are on a budget, we say go for it!