The Best Blue CS2 Stickers

More blue daba dee daba die!

Having a themed inventory is Counter-Strike 2 is a really desirable thing these days. But if you want to get ahead of the crowd, you need to do more than coordinate the color of your skins.

We’re talking about doubling down and getting those stickers nice and uniform, too.

We’ve got a separate article on the best blue skins in CS2 if you need to check that out first.

Otherwise, let’s get into the flashiest blue CS2 stickers you can find in the game.

1 . Cloud9 (Holo) | Boston 2018

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Cloud9 (Holo) | Boston 2018

One of the most popular esports organizations in the world is Cloud9, and it just so happens that their logo is a really nice color of blue. You can pick up their sticker from any Major they have attended, but why not get the ELEAGUE Boston Major edition? It’s the tournament they won after all!

2 . The Leader

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The Leader

This skin is a lovely baby blue so it makes our list just for this, but if you’re a natural leader of the teams you’re in then it’s a double match! Just remember: with great power, comes great responsibility!

3 . Blue Swallow

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Blue Swallow

This is a really stunning sticker that's very name lets you know it’s a welcome addition in any blue sticker setup. Visualizing a spread-winged bird with guns creeping out from under it, this sticker can tell any message you want it to.

4 . Chi Bomb

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Chi Bomb

Having these smiling sticker sitting on the body of your gun just brings a smile to your face when you’re playing, you know? It’s an infectious energy all wrapped nicely in blue, meaning it’s right up there with our favorites in this selection.

5 . Luck Skill

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Luck Skill

Whilst the dice and wings of this sticker might be a different color, we’re always entranced by the radiant effect of the blue background here. And if its motto of “Luck is a skill” resonates with you, then see how lucky your shots are once you’ve slapped this onto your M4 barrel.

6 . Pegasus

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Some might call this sticker purple, others would call it midnight blue. Wherever it lies on that spectrum, there’s no denying that is fits in delightfully with the other items on our list.

7 . Windy Walking Club

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Windy Walking Club

If you came onto this list looking for awesome blue stickers in CS:GO, then you know the Windy Walking Club will fit the bill. If you happen to be a Scottish player as well, then this is as good as slapping your national flag on your skins: just look at the sticker’s text!

8 . Noodles

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We’ve never seen the player model from a T in CS:GO look as friendly as this one does, um...bathing in a delicious-looking bowl of noodles. With a blue background, if you want to carry that image around with you then you can do while keeping to your color preference!

9 . Counter Logic Gaming | Cologne 2016

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Counter Logic Gaming | Cologne 2016

Counter Logic Gaming is another North American esports organization thats use of blue in its brand identity means there’s plenty of stickers of theirs that would fit a blue loadout. Their sticker from ESL One Cologne 2016 just happens to be one of the very best.

10 . Move It (Foil)

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Move It (Foil)

Blue writing, blue backdrop, and blue CTs - these guys were either very cold when this scenario came to be, or it was tailor mode for a blue inventory.

11 . Global Elite (Foil)

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Global Elite (Foil)

Not just representing your skill level (or, you know, your level after a few hundred more MM games), this skin also features a blue globe in its center that just looks resplendent.

12 . Hard Cluck Life (Foil)

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Hard Cluck Life (Foil)

If three badass chickens posing in formation wasn’t enough for you to love a skin, then you’ll also catch some really pleasant blues outcropping this foil sticker!

13 . Witchcraft

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One of our favorite blue CS:GO stickers is the Witchcraft. The hair is enormous which just looks awesome, and the outer layer of the sticker featuring pale ghosts just adds another layer of awesome. This sticker really outdoes itself.

14 . Countdown (Foil)

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Countdown (Foil)

To commemorate all those last-minute defuses we’ve gone through on the CT side is this masterpiece of a skin. The blue really comes to life in the foil version!

15 . Boom (Foil)

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Boom (Foil)

When the Countdown sticker doesn’t sum up your round as a CT, then chances are the Boom will do the job. Depicting a bomb explosion on an electric blue background, this is one of the more visually epic stickers in the list.

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