The Best M4A4 Skins Under 10 Dollars

Counter-Terrorism on a budget

If you’re a fan of the M4A4 like the majority of Counter-Strike 2 players are, you want the a great skin to use on the skin, but want to avoid paying loads. Here are our 10 best looking M4A4 skins CS2 has to offer as of August 2019, all under 10 dollars.

1 . M4A4 | Faded Zebra (Field-Tested)

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M4A4 | Faded Zebra (Field-Tested)

The skin's name put it best - a perfect description for this beauty is "Faded Zebra". This is one of those skins that gets better the lower the condition is, the Well Worn condition looks awesomely rugged.

2 . M4A4 | Buzz Kill (Battle-Scarred)

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M4A4 | Buzz Kill (Battle-Scarred)

Already sporting an industrial design and color pattern, the M4A4 Buzz Kill is one of those skins where you can sacrifice in quality and pick up a battle scarred version of the weapon, purely because it makes it look so much more badass. If you’re a CT who doesn’t do things by the book, this is the skin for you.

3 . M4A4 | Royal Paladin (Field-Tested)

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M4A4 | Royal Paladin (Field-Tested)

The glowing, golden feel of the Royal Paladin really does look magnificent and is up there with the best M4A4 skins. This deserves it’s royal name, and is a steal for this price.

4 . M4A4 | 龍王 (Dragon King) (Field-Tested)

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M4A4 | 龍王 (Dragon King) (Field-Tested)

The explosion of color on the M4A4 Dragon King as the backdrop to a fiery dragon make this skin amazing to look at. This is our second favorite M4A4 skin under 10 dollars, and at a mid range price is still a cheap gun in the grand scheme of things.

5 . M4A4 | Converter (Field-Tested)

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M4A4 | Converter (Field-Tested)

Red and black color schemes always combine to make awesome CS:GO skins. The USP Kill Confirmed, the M4A1-S Cyrex, and now the M4A4 Converter. Rest assured you’ll be converting plenty of headshots to kills under the strength this weapon exudes, making it a worthy skin to live up to its name.

6 . M4A4 | Zirka (Field-Tested)

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M4A4 | Zirka (Field-Tested)

Where does the name Zirka come from? Probably Zerker, which is short hand for Berserker. And what's a Berserker, you ask? Well, a Berserker is an ancient Norse warrior who fought with wild or uncontrolled ferocity. And why are we telling you this? Because that's what this skin transforms your look into. People who see you holding an M4A4 with this epic coloring won't want to mess with you.

7 . M4A4 | Desert Storm (Field-Tested)

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M4A4 | Desert Storm (Field-Tested)

Just like the desert itself, the Desert Storm is HOT. You're not going to be the only person with this skin, as it isn't super rare, but it's a great cheaper option for a loadout that's missing an M4A4. This skin goes great with other yellow or brown colored skins like the Safari Mesh.

8 . M4A4 | Desolate Space (Field-Tested)

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M4A4 | Desolate Space (Field-Tested)

The Desolate Space is a slightly newer skin and is absolutely stunning, displaying a space suit with a skull in it in a very eerie scene. The price is just below that 10 dollar budget, but worth it to get such an awesome skin.

9 . M4A4 | Griffin (Factory New)

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M4A4 | Griffin (Factory New)

The M4A4 Griffin is an old skin and as a result is widely unused in the community. The design is unique, featuring a large griffin crossing onto the magazine of the weapon. Much like the Evil Daimyo, you cannot go wrong buying a griffin as it too is one of the best cheap M4A4 skins.

10 . StatTrak™ M4A4 | Evil Daimyo (Factory New)

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StatTrak™ M4A4 | Evil Daimyo (Factory New)

Just like the field tested Daimyo, this skin is a way to outfit your CT rifle in the coolest color scheme going while keeping things cheap. No matter how many times we see it, the Evil Daimyo just doesn’t get any worse.

11 . M4A4 | Magnesium (Minimal Wear)

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M4A4 | Magnesium (Minimal Wear)

This skin looks absolutely brilliant in minimal wear, with its sleek silver and grey trimmings working wonders in the light. Even benefitting from the inclusion of flames running up the body of the gun, you’ll certainly mean business when charging into fights with this frightening gun.

12 . M4A4 | Jungle Tiger (Field-Tested)

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M4A4 | Jungle Tiger (Field-Tested)

It’s always a challenge to find cheap skins that you won’t see someone else using in every other game. Enter, the Jungle Tiger. With Tiger-like patterning on the body of the skin and a color scheme you’d expect to see on a boreal forest, this weapon is as unique as it is good value. This one is certainly worth the spend.

13 . M4A4 | Mainframe (Field-Tested)

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M4A4 | Mainframe (Field-Tested)

With so many CS:GO players being familiar with the structure of PCs, we know a lot of you will appreciate how this skin so brilliantly resembles a motherboard. Technical resemblance aside, we love the parallels that run alongside this skin and being a robotic fighter like the Terminator. Who’d have thought such a technical skin would produce one of the best you can find on the M4A4?

14 . M4A4 | Urban DDPAT (Field-Tested)

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M4A4 | Urban DDPAT (Field-Tested)

When you’re playing on the CT side, you’ll (hopefully) be playing on your M4 the majority of the rounds, provided you aren’t getting reset round after round. And if you favor the M4A4, picking up a cheap Urban DDPAT is a great way to ensure that your gun stands out compared to the rest of your team.

15 . M4A4 | Desert-Strike (Factory New)

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M4A4 | Desert-Strike (Factory New)

Some people ask why this gun is a red (covert) skin in-game, others laugh at them and buy it anyway, picking up an awesome skin for a brilliant price. It hasn’t got the flashiest design or the most creative imagery, but it’s a simplistic skin that lets you add a covert weapon to your inventory, so no complaints from us.

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