The Best Pink CS2 Stickers

They'll get you tickled pink.

You’ve heard of Counter-Strike 2 inventories themed around skins of a certain color, so how about doubling up and only using stickers of a certain color?

We’d call that a big brain kind of play, so we’ve assembled the finest list of pink stickers in CS2 to allow you to outfit your inventory to max-levels of pink.

We’ve also got an article listing the best pink CS2 skins in the game which you might find useful if you’re building a pink inventory.

Onwards to the stickers!

1 . Pegasus (Holo)

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Pegasus (Holo)

A pegasus is a mythical creature in Greek mythology as a winged, divine horse. Obviously that’s a pretty awesome symbol to slap onto your favorite skin as it is, and the Holo version of this sticker will fill your vision with a really attractive shade of pink.

2 . BukAWP

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This pink sticker is one for all of the AWPers out there. The pink background set against the pink letters makes the very identifiable green of the AWP let everyone know which weapon you’ll land a great flick shot on them with later in the game.

3 . Teamwork (Holo)

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Teamwork (Holo)

The Teamwork Holo sticker is a mismatch of colors, but central in the reverberating shades stemming from the center is a deep pink. Set next to a warm yellow and a dark purple, the end result is really nice to look at.

4 . Skulltorgeist

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Badass-sounding name aside, this sticker actually depicts a cute looking ghost floating on your weapon. It’s a softer pink than some of the other stickers on this list, so perfect if you’re looking to make more of a subtle statement.

5 . The Spartan

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The Spartan

You can charge into battle with your very own pink infantryman with The Spartan sticker. Armored up in Spartan style and heralded with that recognizable plume, this is a really creative sticker to add to any gun.

6 . Aces High (Holo)

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Aces High (Holo)

tips hat You requested the best CS:GO pink stickers, m’lady?

The Aces High sticker is one of the coolest in the game, and thankfully its Holo version fits into the pink theme of this list. A skeleton has never looked as stylish as it does in this pose and color scheme.

7 . Skull Lil Boney

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Skull Lil Boney

This sticker has a similar look to the Skulltorgeist with its soft shade of pink, making the two of them next to each other on a skin look really good together.

8 . Unicorn (Holo)

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Unicorn (Holo)

This sticker is a positive mass of colors, but very prominent in the pile is the stark shade of pink on the unicorn’s horn and right side. If some of the stickers on this list are a subtle addition to your skin, this sticker is anything but and is a great way of making even a vanilla skin look unique.

9 . Fight like a Girl

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Fight like a Girl

Depicted on this sticker is the CZ75 The Fuschia is Now, which is a skin we feature on our best pink skins list. So, what better weapon to add this sticker to than that?!

Plus, the backdrop of pink and purple flowers makes it look really cool even as a standalone sticker.

10 . One Sting

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One Sting

If there’s one animal that always looks angry, it’s a scorpion. From their vicious looking pincers to their more-vicious-still stinger, they’re really a scary creature. If you’d love to showcase that (and scare players like me, the writer of the article, in game) then you can do so with this pink / purple sticker.

11 . Cheongsam

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Pink writing, a pink background and even a caricature holding a pink gun: we think this sticker was made to compliment a pink-themed inventory. It would also look great with the several anime-inspired skins in CS:GO, of which we also have a list of you can check out.

12 . Water Gun

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Water Gun

Adding a water gun sticker to an actual gun has a certain poetry to it. The colorful pink background makes this is a great addition to add some jazz to your inventory.

13 . Master Guardian Elite (Holo)

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Master Guardian Elite (Holo)

Picking this sticker up in its Holo form gives it a really attractive pink hue to the border of the sticker. Based off the MGE rank in CS:GO it’s got a really unique design, too - and there’s bonus points if you rock this while you are MGE yourself!

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