Denzel Curry, ULTIMATE

Consumer Grade Music Kit

Denzel Curry, ULTIMATE

StatTrak™ Denzel Curry, ULTIMATE $3.68
Denzel Curry, ULTIMATE $1.47
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Item Information

  • Date Added
    • 17 February, 2023
  • Rarity
    • Consumer Grade

Item Description

Denzel brings his signature energy to CS:GO as he traverses trap, jazz, and drum and bass beats. This kit features Denzel's hits "Walkin", "ULTIMATE", and more, so break out the nickel-plated chrome Berettas and crank up the intensity with the ULTIMATE music kit.

Price History

Sales prices and volume

Variation MinMaxAverageMedianVolume
StatTrak™ Denzel Curry, ULTIMATE $0.97$7.45$4.37$3.795K
Denzel Curry, ULTIMATE $1.03$4.33$2.02$1.6228K

Audio Files

Get lit to Denzel Curry, ULTIMATE!

Below you can find previews of all of the music files that are activated when using the Denzel Curry, ULTIMATE Music Kit. Each mp3 file is played at different events within the game. You can hover over the question icon to find more info about when this event occurs.

Event Preview
01 bombplanted 0:00
02 bombtenseccount 0:00
03 chooseteam 0:00
04 deathcam 0:00
05 lostround 0:00
06 mainmenu 0:00
07 roundmvpanthem_01 0:00
08 roundtenseccount 0:00
09 startaction_01 0:00
10 startaction_02 0:00
11 startaction_03 0:00
12 startround_01 0:00
13 startround_02 0:00
14 startround_03 0:00
15 wonround 0:00