MAC-10 | Copper Borre (Factory New)

Mil-Spec Grade SMG

MAC-10 | Copper Borre

Factory New $110.00
Minimal Wear $101.56
Field-Tested $91.04
Well-Worn $86.88
Battle-Scarred $129.15
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Factory New

Item Information

  • Date Added
    • 19 November, 2019
  • Weapon
  • Texture
    • Copper Borre
  • Rarity
    • Mil-Spec Grade

Item Description

Essentially a box that bullets come out of, the MAC-10 SMG boasts a high rate of fire, with poor spread accuracy and high recoil as trade-offs. A Norse inspired pattern of gold interlocking rings has been applied.

We end the way we began; in the dirt
Float 0-0.5
Type SMG
Finish Style Anodized Multicolored
Collection The Norse Collection

Skin Colors

Price History

Sales prices and volume

Variation MinMaxAverageMedianVolume
Factory New $1.36$137.81$109.41$112.3652
Minimal Wear $70.12$122.19$101.16$99.8533
Field-Tested $65.22$113.36$92.50$92.9620
Well-Worn N/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
Battle-Scarred $83.51$90.02$86.77$86.772


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