The Best Yellow CS:GO Skins

Get your flip flops on in preparation for these exotic skins.

We think yellow is an underrated color for a CS:GO loadout. A bold claim, but why do we think this? Quite simply because we always see red and blue themed inventories, sometimes there's pink, and the odd purple, but yellow is always forgotten about. Yellow is extravagant, sporty, and in nature often signifies danger - despite all these great qualities, it's still the underdog. Who wouldn't want a yellow loadout? Well, not you for sure! That's (probably) why you're reading this article in the first place.

Thankfully, if you are reading this article because you want a yellow themed inventory, or you're just looking to add a splash of yellow to your loadout, you're in the right place. No only have we scouted the web for yellow CS:GO skins, but we've also gathered a fair number of impressive yellow CS:GO stickers for you to feast your eyes on. Check them out below.

1. Desert Eagle Blaze - Factory New

Last time we checked the price of this gun, it was $25 cheaper, so it's definitely a popular option for most players, and it's not hard to see why. The Desert Eagle Blaze is not only (in our opinion) the most iconic deagle skin, but it's gotta be the coolest looking too. I mean, who doesn't want frickin' flames on their barrel? The thought of getting some Juan-deags with this thing is nothing short of a dream.

2. CZ75-Auto Yellow Jacket - Field Tested

You know a gun is going to be a great addition to a color-themed loadout when it has the color of your loadout in its name. The Yellow Jacket definitely lives up to that rule - its yellow swirls are truly tantalizing. If you use the CZ75, getting this in your inventory is a no-brainer.

3. Dual Berettas Marina - Minimal Wear

Oh boy. If the Dual Berettas become part of the meta, these bad boys are shooting right up in value. Thankfully, not too many players use the Dual Berettas, so you can get your hands on these naughty pistols for just a little over $1. A vibrant Egyptian-looking skin for a dollar, now that's what we call a bargain (and a great addition to a yellow inventory)!

4. Five-SeveN Monkey Business - Field Tested

If you haven't owned a Five-SeveN Monkey Business before, you're either pretty new to CS:GO, or you haven't collected skins. The fact that one of these has passed through most players inventories doesn't make it any less of a candidate for your loadout than another Five-SeveN skin. Not only is it the "most yellow" Five-SeveN skin in the game, but it's also light on the wallet - costing just $2 in Field Tested condition.

5. Tec-9 Fuel Injector - Factory New

When it comes to yellow Tec-9 skins, you're going to have to choose between this and the Tec-9 Terrace. Go take a look at the Tec-9 Terrace. Take a look at this. See why we haven't included the Tec-9 Terrace? Great.

6. AWP Dragon Lore - Factory New

If you gathered up 100 CS:GO players and asked them to name the most iconic AWP skin, chances are all of them would say the Dragon Lore. With the amount of people that like this skin, you'd expect to see it more, right? Well, there's one thing stopping the average CS:GO player from getting their hands on this. The price tag. At way over $2000, the Dragon Lore is one of the most expensive skins in the game. If you have a few grand spare and you want your yellow loadout to be the envy of every other CS:GO player there is, the Dragon Lore is something to add to your shopping cart.

7. FAMAS Neural Net - Factory New

We're not too sure what the inspiration behind this design was, but we don't care - because it looks awesome. We have a conspiracy that the Neural Net was designed by Vincent van Gogh, or at the very least a like-minded individual, because the pattern looks like something that belongs in a high class gallery. The difference between the Neural Net and something you'd find in a high class art gallery? One of those paintings is going to cost you thousands. The Neural Net? Less than a dollar (and that's in Factory New).

8. Galil AR Chatterbox - Well Worn

The Galil AR has a tendency to make every skin it hosts look sub-par. The Chatterbox is one of the exceptions to this rule though. With its graffiti-like theme, this is an excellent addition to your loadout (yellow or regular). Better yet, despite this skin being the second most expensive you can get for the Galil, it's only $3.50 in Well Worn - that's a bargain if you ask us.

9. M4A1-S Chantico's Fire - Factory New

If you're looking for a yellow M4A1-S, you're going to have to choose between this and the Golden Coil. Whilst the Golden Coil might be a tiny bit cheaper, you really can't get much better than the royal design that the Chantico's Fire has. This is about 50% red and 50% yellow, so it doubles up as a red skin too, if you ever decide that you want to switch to a red-themed loadout.

10. M4A4 Buzz Kill - Factory New

We're not quite sure why this gun has been named "Buzz Kill" because it's quite the opposite! This is a perfect mid-sized budget M4A4 and the most yellow you'll find.

11. SCAR-20 Jungle Slipstream - Factory New

We've all got a little bit of love in us for the auto. You might hate it when it's whipped out by the enemy team on you, but we've all used it at least once or twice to win a round. Even if you can't see yourself using the auto in future, this yellow SCAR-20 skin costs, wait for it.. 20 cents! Why wouldn't you grab this for your loadout?

12. SG 553 Bulldozer - Minimal Wear

Chances are, you haven't seen this skin in-game before. We haven't either. And that's a real big shame because it's beautiful. Perhaps it's so rare because of its price: it's the third most expensive SG 553 skin in the game. Whatever its rarity, if it fits your budget (around $35 for Minimal Wear), you just HAVE to get this skin. It's too great to say no to.

13. SSG 08 Big Iron - Factory New

The options for scout skins (even non-yellow) are pretty dire, with more than half of them being dull or uninteresting. The Big Iron is definitely not dire however. Its intrinsic patterns are second to none, and its price isn't half bad either - with a Factory New condition Big Iron costing you less than $10.

14. MP7 Nemesis - Factory New

It's probably about 20% yellow, but if you're looking to fill that MP7 slot with a yellow skin, it's the closest you're gonna get. Even though it isn't entirely yellow, the scary skull-like monster featured on the end of the gun looks pretty bad ass making it a sweet addition to any inventory - even those that aren't yellow themed.

15. MP9 Bulldozer - Minimal Wear

The MP9 Bulldozer really does put all the other yellow skins to shame. It is literally as yellow as can be - any more yellow and you probably wouldn't even be able to make out the fact it's an MP9. Unfortunately, this radiant yellow comes with a price tag. A Factory New Bulldozer is going to cost you more than $100. In Minimal Wear however, the price is a bit cheaper at around $40. That said, for a gun you only use every now and again on half buys and after pistol - you're going to need to consider if that price is worth it for you.

16. UMP-45 Blaze - Factory New

Everyone thinks of the Desert Eagle when they hear about Blaze skins, but forgets the UMP-45. And at 10% of the price of the Desert Eagle Blaze, their memory is costing them quite a few dollars. If you want to add an element of fire to your inventory for cheap, the UMP-45 Blaze is probably your best bet.

17. MAG-7 Bulldozer - Minimal Wear

Why isn't the Bulldozer skin available on every weapon? It looks so awesome! There's really no other word to describe this skin other than yellow. Just yellow. Yellow, yellow, yellow.. YELLOW! I mean really that's all there is to it. And that's what makes it perfect for a yellow loadout.

18. XM1014 Teclu Burner - Factory New

The Teclu Burner is without-a-doubt one of the best looking shotgun skins you can get. Not only is it great looking, but it's not too costly, with Factory New conditions costing around $3. And although its color is probably more golden, we definitely think it can pass as yellow.

19. M249 Impact Drill - Minimal Wear

Just the word M249 on its own tells you that this skin isn't going to break the bank. With Minimal Wear costing just 20 cents, this skin is a must-have for a yellow themed loadout.

20. Negev Power Loader - Minimal Wear

Fun fact: the Power Loader is the second most expensive Negev skin in the game at the current moment in time (June 2019). Another fun fact that the "second most expensive" Negev skin costs just $6 in Factory New condition. You can shave 50% off that number by opting for Minimal Wear, so we recommend going for that option.

21. M9 Bayonet Lore - Minimal Wear

At over 700 dollars, you're probably paying close to a month's rent for this skin, but who could blame you? The M9 Bayonet Lore is one of the best looking knives in the game. Fullstop. Those Egyptian patterns on the outer edges paired with the perfect gold colored blade make this any CS:GO player's dream.

22. Gut Knife Tiger Tooth - Factory New

It might be a Gut Knife, but it's a good looking one, that's for sure. Everything about a tiger is encapsulated in this skin too. The tiger's teeth are the sharp tip of the knife. The tiger's fur is the golden tinted pattern on the blade. And the tiger's dangerous aura is everything this knife brings to mind when you catch a glimpse of it. If the dramatic description wasn't enough to sell you on this thing, take a look at the price! It's less than $100.