The Best M4A1-S Skins - From Cheapest to Priciest

There's a skin for everyone!

While it’s true that the M4A1-S is currently underused in the CS:GO meta, this has opened the door to finding some of the best looking M4A1S skins for a lot less money than usual.

Here is our complete list of M4A1-S skins, ranging from the best cheap skins, to some good intermediate choices, and finally with the most premium skins.

1. M4A1-S Hyper Beast - Well-Worn

The Hyper Beast was a game-changer in M4A1-S skins and drove people away from the Cyrex when it was released. It depicts an awesome image of a colorful, snarling beast on a background of blue. It’s undoubtedly a gorgeous weapon skin and one of the best the M4A1-S has.

2. M4A1-S Cyrex - Minimal Wear

The cyrex used to be the de facto best M4A1-S skin in CS:GO before a flood of competitors game in. This and the AK-47 Vulcan were the kings of their time. Still, though, it is a stunning weapon that has a really nice color combination of red, white and black.

3. M4A1-S Decimator - Field Tested

How on earth is this M4A1-S skin under $10?

4. M4A1-S Golden Coil - Well Worn

The Golden Coil uses a color you don’t usually see in affordable CS:GO skins, which is gold. As if that wasn’t good enough for this cheap M4A1-S skin, it has awesome ornate patterns of coils that really make it look smart.

5. M4A1-S Nightmare - Well Worn

A harrowing M4A1-S skin to rival the haunting beauty of the Icarus Fell, this gun coat combines an electric blue on a dark background to produce a truly gorgeous skin. A mysterious beast occupies the center of the gun, where we imagine the inspiration for the name “Nightmare” came from.

6. M4A1-S Chantico's Fire - Battle Scarred

One of our personal favorites in terms of M4A1S skins is the Chantico’s Fire. It’s still an affordable skin but is easily one of the best-looking skins you can get for this gun. The vibrant color scheme catches eyes and is a great addition to an inventory.

7. M4A1-S Atomic Alloy - Minimal Wear

A skin that’s age has brought its price down, but has done nothing to muddy the effect that the striking combo of orange and black create. We’re not watching Netflix, but we’d say Orange is most certainly the new Black in this situation.

8. M4A1-S Leaded Glass - Field Tested

The M4A1-S Leaded Glass is an explosion of color that really looks like a CS:GO skin that ought to be more expensive than it is. You can get the minimal wear version of this skin for under $5!

9. M4A1-S Dark Water - Minimal Wear

You'd definitely be able to see this shiny M4A1-S at the bottom of a pond of dark water, that's for sure. This skin is definitely a jaw-dropper, and a bargain too.

10. M4A1-S Flashback - Factory New

A rifle for the peaceful among you, the M4A1-S Flashback stands out in a game of battle and war as a totem of peace. With several heart-warming messages on the skin, such as the phrase “Make Love Not War” and even the globally recognisable peace symbol, this skin is a great addition to CS:GO. It’s especially pertinent belonging to the Counter-Terrorist side.

11. M4A1-S Bright Water - Field Tested

The bright water is half the price of the Dark Water, but we can't seem to work out why. This blue camo textured gun is a steal and a must-have for any loadout. Goes especially well with other blue weapon skins, like the USP-S Blueprint.

12. M4A1-S Nitro - Field Tested

The M4A1S Nitro is a simple skin that keeps things elegant with a color scheme of just orange and black - two colors that go extremely well together. The orange is subtle but contrasts so well with the black that this is definitely one of the best cheapest M4A1-S skins. The best news? You can get the minimal wear version of this skin for under $1!

13. StatTrak M4A1-S Basilisk - Field Tested

The M4A1 Basilisk is a classic skin for the gun and has been around for a while. Despite that, it remains one of the nicest-looking skins on this list, and for under $5 you really can’t go wrong with a skin that depicts a fierce Basilisk on the body of the weapon.

14. M4A1-S Blood Tiger - Minimal Wear

The dark red patches on this skin contrast very well with the dark gray color of the body. Tigers are successful predators, and people who own this gun are no-doubt successful predators too, so it goes within saying that I'd much rather face a tiger than a player with this skin!


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