The Best Knife Skins Under $200

Stabby stabby in style!

CS:GO has a lot of gorgeous skins, and some that you can even get for a reasonable price. Here are the 14 best knives under $200 in CS:GO at the moment, as of August 2019. We have already looked at the best knives under $100, so this article will contain skins between $101-$200.

1. Butterfly Knife Night - Field Tested

You sure would blend in with the night with a sleek blade like this one. Fortunately, most CS:GO maps are set in the daytime, so anyone with this knife will be noticed, and for the right reasons.

2. Butterfly Knife Urban Masked - Well Worn

Oh boy, this is a beauty. If you're not a fan of extravagant, multi-color, confusing skin patterns, then the Urban Masked is the knife for you. This knife is the king of simplicity, and that's what makes it so eye catching. Speaking of eye catching, the price tag of this knife being under $200 caught our eye!

3. Karambit Urban Masked - Field Tested

If you're a man or woman of simplicity, and you're a fan of the color gray - this is the only knife for you. You don't need some flashy, rainbow-esque knife to draw attention to it - and the Karambit Urban Masked is proof of this. It's wonderful.

4. Bayonet Scorched- Minimal Wear

We’re of the opinion that the Huntsman Knife is one of the nicest knives in the game, so the shiny, shimmering steel that the Damascus Steel pattern produces is a match made in heaven. You swipe right on a skin like this.

5. Falchion Knife Doppler - Factory New

In whatever color scheme you get it in, any Factory New Falchion Knife is going to be a great addition to your inventory. The dark, swirling colors that line these skins have been some of the most desirable ever since the young days of CS:GO, and not much has changed. Class is timeless, they say.

6. Bayonet Freehand - Factory New

The Freehand has to be one of the coolest patterns you can get on a knife, making the blade look like it was uncovered from some sort of Egyptian tomb. And on a long, sleek knife like the Bayonet, that cool pattern becomes even cooler. If you're going to get a Bayonet, it has to be a Freehand, and if you're going to get a Freehand it has to be a Bayonet - that's all we'll say.

7. Bayonet Boreal Forest - Minimal Wear

Your character in CS:GO is at war. It doesn't matter if you're on T or CT side, if the game was a real life situation, you really wouldn't be bothered about having a fancy colored knife in your hand. You probably would be bothered about blending in with the surroundings, however, and that's where the Boreal Forest comes in. Not only is a cool looking, but it shows you're a practical person.

8. Karambit Safari Mesh - Field Tested

There are two sides to a safari. The welcoming tourist aspect - getting in a Jeep and looking at animals like lions, tigers, and hyenas. And that makes a safari sound fun, right? But that's only until you consider the other side - anywhere outside of that Jeep is pure mayhem, a free-for-all, do you think a lion cares about anything other than how you taste? The only thing saving you from its menacing jaw is a metal box. We think both sides apply to this knife - it's plain, it's simple, and welcoming in some respects, but in other respects, it's vicious and threatening to enemies.

9. M9 Bayonet Blue Steel - Factory New

The Blue Steel is a minimalist skin finish among the crazy colors and patterns that you’ll find in most other skins. That serves to make it uniquely awesome in its simplicity - something that the thuggish design of the M9 Bayonet only enhances. This is one for you if you don’t want to throw splashes of yellow and green all over your knife.

10. Flip Knife Tiger Tooth - Factory New

When it comes to Factory New Tiger Tooth skins, going for the Flip Knife can be a way to keep the costs to a manageable level while also unlocking this incredible skin. To be able to boast to your friends and teammates that you have a Factory New Tiger Tooth skin, in whatever form, is something that only a very small percent of CS:GO players can do.

11. Flip Knife Doppler - Factory New

You know you’re getting lucky when you find a Lore skin for well under $200. One for all our AWPers out there due to how swish the Flip Knife looks when you draw it after firing an AWP shot, you’ll be writing the lore of your own world with this magical skin.

12. M9 Bayonet Case Hardened - Minimal Wear

A serrated edge, chunky grip and mean looking point at the end makes the M9 Bayonet a seriously cool knife. Add a touch of color to that with a Case Hardened finish to illuminate each exquisite edge of this knife, and have all your teammates and enemies jealous.

13. StatTrak™ Falchion Knife Case Hardened - Minimal Wear

The bright steel of this knife’s handle coordinates brilliantly with the metallic colors that the Case Hardened series sports. Turn your graphics up to high when you inspect this baby, and let the colors dazzle you.

14. Karambit Bright Water - Field Tested

The fact that you can pick up a nice-looking Karambit for under $200 is reason enough to check this skin out. One of the priciest knife designs in CS:GO combined with a color that looks unexpectedly pleasant on a knife combines to make a sweet, sweet deal.

15. Butterfly Knife Forest DDPAT - Field Tested

Everyone has their favorite animation based purely on it’s animation when you withdraw it, and you’ll find for a lot of people it’s the Butterfly Knife. Pulling off the intricate twirling each time you withdraw your knife is hypnotic, and a big reason to consider any type of Butterfly Knife - this just happens to be one of the cheapest.

16. Bowie Knife Tiger Tooth - Factory New

If you’re picking up a Tiger Tooth knife in CS:GO, you best be going for a good condition skin. In Factory New and when you have the graphical settings in CS:GO set to a decent level, the luscious golds weaving their way between pitch black stripes - like you might see on a Tiger - will serve to instantly boost up how epic your inventory is. They say beauty is deadly, after all.

17. Bowie Knife Marble Fade - Factory New

Oh boy, if you're sad that rainbows disappear when it stops raining, this knife is for you.. how many colors have they managed to fit on this thing? We started counting, got to ten, and realised we'd never get this article out in time if we continued. The crazy thing is, the absurd amount of colors on this blade go so well together and don't clash. If $180 fits your budget, you just have to get a Marble Fade in your loadout.