The Best Knife Skins Under $100

Stabby stabby on a budget!

CS:GO skins are a great way to customize the look of your player model and add a bit of color to the game. Knives are the holy grail of skins, but their high price tag puts many people off buying one. Here are some of the best knives under 100 CS:GO can offer. You can get these from third party websites, which are usually cheaper than the Steam Market allowing you to get the best cheap CS:GO knives for that little bit cheaper.

1. Ursus Knife Stained - Minimal Wear

The Ursus Knife has a simple design - with a short and stubby blade and handle. Now that there are more and more knife variants available in CS:GO, this actually comes out as a refreshing change, as it looks like a more refined Gut Knife. The outcome? A great, affordable skin.

2. Shadow Daggers Tiger Tooth - Factory New

If you’re looking for a knife with the Tiger Tooth pattern, you have to be looking for the best conditions. Factory New ticks that box, meaning you get the wicked patterns of the Tiger Tooth series on not one, but TWO knives. In our books, the more space you have to expose this pattern, the better.

3. Bayonet Bright Water - Field Tested

Think of the most common knife skins. You got some answers? Cool. Now we bet that the Bayonet Bright Water wasn’t one of them. But that’s exactly what makes it so cool! When you’re the only person in the server with a specific skin it always feels cooler than being with someone with the same knife as you, and this choice reduces that likelihood!

4. Navaja Knife Stained Battle-Scarred

The Navaja Knife is one of the most recent skins to enter the game, and as such any skin variant you can get on it is doubly as attractive due to its freshness. The brown, stained handle looks wonderful with the other rugged - yet vibrant - colors that adorn the knife. The result is, well - just have a look for yourself.

5. Flip Knife Bright Water - Minimal Wear

One of our favorite skins in this list for its out-of-the-box style is the Flip Knife Bright Water. Where most knives screen of intimidation and look threatening, this one is much more mellow. Add a dash of color to your inventory with these dazzling blues.

6. Navaja Knife Case Hardened - Minimal Wear

The Navaja Knife is one of the newer knife designs, having been introduced to CS:GO in mid-2018, but it already has some awesome looking skins. This case hardened variant is compelling, and definitely Total CS:GO's favorite.

7. Huntsman Knife Ultraviolet - Field Tested

Coming in at under $75, this incredible skin has to make it into a list of the best cheap knives in the game. A dark purple handle and a black blade with some fading around the edges for that extra ruggedness, you’ve really come onto a gem with this one.

8. Gut Knife Doppler - Factory New

Gut knives aren't the most admirable form of knife, but you're not buying a knife because it's admirable, you're buying a knife because it looks bad ass, and that's just what this knife is. Some say the word gut comes from the typical activities of a man who owns this knife - gutting enemies in CS, and probably real life too. Not only is it bad ass, but the dark cyan finish on the blade shows that you have class and style.

9. Shadow Daggers Damascus Steel - Minimal Wear

The Shadow Daggers Damascus Steel are a really interesting pair of knives, and will positively illuminate your setup if you have your graphics on high in a bright area. As close to a shining sword as you’ll wield in CS:GO, this a great choice for someone looking for something eye-catching.

10. Bayonet Rust Coat - Battle Scarred

At the worst of times the Bayonet is a formidable knife for your character to whip out, with it’s slender yet precise frame. So when you color the knife in a murky and rusty brown, you throw a whole new scare factor behind this skin. The fact that this skin is so cheap for how badass it makes your loadout appear is beyond us.

11. Gut Knife Safari Mesh - Minimal Wear

When you’re looking for cheap knives in CS:GO, you know you’ll stumble on to a few Safari Mesh skins. But instead of seeing that as a bad thing, embrace the Mesh and make it your own. The Minimal Wear Gut Knife lets you do exactly that - picking up a surprisingly nice looking skin for a low price.

12. StatTrak™ Navaja Knife Scorched - Well Worn

As one of the cheaper knives in the game, we always get surprised with how nice Scorched skins look - especially when you’re looking at a lower down condition like Well Worn. The cherry on top of this admittedly-scorched cake? Your knife will be StatTrak and tracking your kills!

13. Falchion Knife Damascus Steel - Field Tested

What serves to make the Falchion Knife Damascus Steel such a nice skin is how the steel hilt in the middle meets so pleasantly with the texturing from the Damascus Steel pattern. Silver on silver - something that sounds as though it could be too plain but in reality drips with silky prestige.

14. Gut Knife Blue Steel - Factory New

Some Gut Knives are ugly. You know this. A big exception to this rule is the Blue Steel though. Blue and brown combine in a lovely pairing in this weapon, with the Factory New condition imperative to have your Blue Steel shining in the sun. The Gut Knife never looked prettier.


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