The Best Knife Skins Under $100

Stabby stabby on a budget!

CS:GO skins are a great way to customize the look of your player model and add a bit of color to the game. Knives are the holy grail of skins, but their high price tag puts many people off buying one. Here are some of the best knives under 100 CS:GO can offer. You can get these from third party websites, which are usually cheaper than the Steam Market allowing you to get the best cheap CS:GO knives for that little bit cheaper.

1. Bayonet Ultraviolet - Field Tested

There’s something poetic about a knife having a blade as black as the night, and a handle that is Ultraviolet - that is literally meant to stand out in the dark. That makes the Ultraviolet series of knives the definition of a contrast: where each color compliments each other perfectly.

2. Gut Knife Gamma Doppler - Factory New

It’s something we frequently say, but taking a slight hit on how nice your knife is means you can afford to get a knife in a wicked pattern. And the Gamma Doppler is exactly that, ESPECIALLY in Factory New. You don’t find deep, space-like colors like this in another type of skin.

3. Shadow Daggers Tiger Tooth - Factory New

If you’re looking for a knife with the Tiger Tooth pattern, you have to be looking for the best conditions. Factory New ticks that box, meaning you get the wicked patterns of the Tiger Tooth series on not one, but TWO knives. In our books, the more space you have to expose this pattern, the better.

4. Gut Knife Autotronic - Field Tested

You know you’re privileged when you can find an Autotronic knife for a low cost. And it just so happens that the Gut Knife allows the pattern on the knife so much room for it to display its magnificence in. Gut Knife or not, you really can’t go wrong with this one.

5. Falchion Knife Damascus Steel - Field Tested

What serves to make the Falchion Knife Damascus Steel such a nice skin is how the steel hilt in the middle meets so pleasantly with the texturing from the Damascus Steel pattern. Silver on silver - something that sounds as though it could be too plain but in reality drips with silky prestige.

6. Bayonet Forest DDPAT - Field Tested

Think of the Bayonet as the skinnier version of the M9. A little bit more elegant, and a little bit more low-key. With that stunning, memorable equip animation it really raises the bar when it comes to the types of knives in CS:GO. Picking up a Forest DDPAT gets you all of the above, at a low price.

7. Bowie Knife Ultraviolet - Field Tested

The Ultraviolet is a testament to how great a combination of colors purple and black can be. And in Field Tested condition the scratches add some extra character to the blade, rather than making it look lower quality. The Bowie Knife Ultraviolet is not to be overlooked, especially at its current price.

8. Huntsman Knife Blue Steel - Well Worn

That this skin is under $100 is insane. The minimal wear condition means that the blue on the blade is largely uninterrupted, allowing it to contrast wonderfully with the black handle. In all senses of the phrase, this knife will leave the enemy team black and blue.

9. Flip Knife Damascus Steel - Field Tested

Flip Knives are cheap and simple knives, meaning you can find many variants of them cheaply. One of the nicest colour combinations is the Damascus Steel, contrasting the handle with a brilliant silver blade. It’s possibly one of the best knives in this list, and ludicrous that you can buy it at such a low price.

10. Shadow Daggers Night - Minimal Wear

For every knife that brings a fabulous array of colors to your screen, there’s another that’s value is in its simplicity. The Shadow Daggers Night are an example of this. Black and unblemished. Dark and dangerous. And two is always better than one.

11. Gut Knife Safari Mesh - Minimal Wear

When you’re looking for cheap knives in CS:GO, you know you’ll stumble on to a few Safari Mesh skins. But instead of seeing that as a bad thing, embrace the Mesh and make it your own. The Minimal Wear Gut Knife lets you do exactly that - picking up a surprisingly nice looking skin for a low price.

12. Huntsman Knife Stained - Well Worn

Even its name will tell you, but the Stained knife pattern is something you want in a vicious, menacing knife. And does anything fit that bill quite like the Huntsman Knife? Lengthy, jagged and serrated, this is one mean looking knife choice.

13. Bayonet Forest DDPAT - Well Worn

Think of the Bayonet as the skinnier version of the M9. A little bit more elegant, and a little bit more low-key. With that stunning, memorable equip animation it really raises the bar when it comes to the types of knives in CS:GO. Picking up a Forest DDPAT gets you all of the above, at a low price.

14. Gut Knife Blue Steel - Minimal Wear

Some Gut Knives are ugly. You know this. A big exception to this rule is the Blue Steel though. Blue and brown combine in a lovely pairing in this weapon, with the Factory New condition imperative to have your Blue Steel shining in the sun. The Gut Knife never looked prettier.

15. Stiletto Knife Scorched - Field Tested

The Stiletto was introduced along with the Navaja knife design and has some very pricey variants, such as the $400+ Doppler. The Scorched however, is not pricey at all, in fact it's so cheap, we're concerned that it has been mispriced. This dark-toned, mysterious-looking Scorched skin is, in our opinion, one of the best you can get your hands on, and it costs under $65. Get it while it's hot (it is scorched after all).

16. Flip Knife Case Hardened - Field Tested

This knife is flipping beautiful, but just saying that doesn't do it justice. The way light reflects off the golden blade. The water washed rainbow coloured imperfections. Everything flows perfectly. You'll need to inspect the Flip Knife Case Hardened in-game to understand how much of a masterpiece it really is. If you don't, you're missing out.

17. Flip Knife Boreal Forest - Well Worn

We've given the Boreal Forest a lot of slack - it isn't our "skin of choice" - but, the Boreal Forest Flip Knife definitely has us reconsidering whether the slack was due. We think the Flip Knife paird with this rugged forest-like color scheme go hand-in-hand, and create a pretty cool knife. It looks even better in-game with the flip animation when you put it out and inspect it.


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