The Best Knife Skins Under $100

Stabby stabby on a budget!

CS:GO skins are a great way to customize the look of your player model and add a bit of color to the game. Knives are the holy grail of skins, but their high price tag puts many people off buying one. Here are some of the best knives under 100 CS:GO can offer. You can get these from third party websites, which are usually cheaper than the Steam Market allowing you to get the best cheap CS:GO knives for that little bit cheaper.

1. Falchion Knife Ultraviolet - Field Tested

If you’ve seen our other knife article on Total CS:GO, you might know we’re a fan of the Ultraviolet series. But how can you not be? Especially when the purple and blacks of the skin meet in the middle, separated by a wall of deep purple, shaking hands and then filling the rest of the skin with their intricate pattern.

2. Falchion Knife Urban Masked - Field Tested

The Falchion Knife Urban Masked is one of the most unique knife skins there is. In fact, we’d say a name like Arctic Camo (shout to the CoD fans) would be a more fitting name for it. It looks as though it’s snow-capped, and chills right to the bone, in every sense of the saying.

3. Shadow Daggers Tiger Tooth - Factory New

If you’re looking for a knife with the Tiger Tooth pattern, you have to be looking for the best conditions. Factory New ticks that box, meaning you get the wicked patterns of the Tiger Tooth series on not one, but TWO knives. In our books, the more space you have to expose this pattern, the better.

4. Flip Knife Night - Field Tested

We’ll never be able to praise knife skins in the Night variant enough. There’s something about that jet-black surface that you flick out time and time again in a game that just looks so great. Maybe it’s because it doesn’t catch the sun’s light, or because it represents the foreboding weapon in your hand. Whatever the reason, they’re always worth considering when buying a knife.

5. Gut Knife Doppler - Factory New

Gut knives aren't the most admirable form of knife, but you're not buying a knife because it's admirable, you're buying a knife because it looks bad ass, and that's just what this knife is. Some say the word gut comes from the typical activities of a person who owns this knife - gutting enemies in CS, and probably real life too. Not only is it bad ass, but the dark cyan finish on the blade shows that you have class and style.

6. Bowie Knife Damascus Steel - Field Tested

We've got three Damascus Steel knives on this page, so if it wasn't already apparent that we love this skin, we hope it is now. The Bowie is one of the cheapest Damascus Steel knives on the market, so if love the glossy gleam of this skin but can't afford the M9 or Karambit, the Bowie is for you (it almost belongs in our knives under $100 article!).

7. Huntsman Knife Rust Coat - Battle Scarred

Does this knife look like the sort of thing you’d see as a part of a Halloween costume? Perhaps. But we won’t be told otherwise than that it looks absolutely incredible. Rugged, scary and menacing. If that’s what you want your CS:GO knife to embody, then the Huntsman Knife may be the most apt choice to fulfill that mission.

8. Huntsman Knife Crimson Web - Field Tested

Red and black on the blade matched with black on the handle. If you want a mean knife in CS:GO, then you want something like the Huntsman Crimson Web. The Field Tested variant makes this an affordable knife, which you have to love when it looks as spectacular as this one.

9. Flip Knife Freehand - Field Tested

We don't think you'll have a free hand if you own this knife.. the one that isn't holding it will get jealous! We surprised this alluring knife is under $200. That's all there is to say, really, this beauty speaks for itself.

10. Shadow Daggers Scorched - Field Tested

With the scorching hot looks this skin has, your character's non-dominant hand will be happy it has a second dagger to hold. You'd think good looks mean not-so-good prices, but with these, that strangely isn't the case (they're darn cheap).

11. Gut Knife Safari Mesh - Field Tested

When you’re looking for cheap knives in CS:GO, you know you’ll stumble on to a few Safari Mesh skins. But instead of seeing that as a bad thing, embrace the Mesh and make it your own. The Minimal Wear Gut Knife lets you do exactly that - picking up a surprisingly nice looking skin for a low price.

12. Bowie Knife Rust Coat - Battle Scarred

It might look like it'll give your enemies Tetanus, but we think the Bowie Rust Coat rocks that style pretty darn well. Even if not, the fact that you can pick up this blade for almost $50 is flabbergasting - a serious consideration for anyone on a tight budget or fans of rusty things.

13. Bayonet Safari Mesh

The Safari Mesh is like the water of CS:GO - everyone needs some in their life, they're always going to be thirsty for some. If you haven't got a Safari Mesh skin in your loadout, why not fill that gap with a Safari Mesh Bayonet? Not only will it make you look like a man (or woman) of style, but they're fairly priced so your bank will love you for it too.

14. Bowie Knife Damascus Steel - Field Tested

If it wasn't already apparen, we love the Damascus Steel skins. The Bowie is one of the cheapest Damascus Steel knives on the market, so if love the glossy gleam of this skin but can't afford the M9 or Karambit, the Bowie is for you (it almost belongs in our knives under $100 article!).

15. M9 Bayonet Safari Mesh - Field Tested

The only quarrel we have with the M9 Bayonet knife design is its price - they're just too damn expensive for the average player to buy. Fortunately, the Safari Mesh M9 doesn't have this problem. By going with one of the less-admirable, but still cool looking skins like the Safari Mesh, you can save a lot of dough and still look baller in-game!

16. Flip Knife Boreal Forest - Field Tested

We've given the Boreal Forest a lot of slack - it isn't our "skin of choice" - but, the Boreal Forest Flip Knife definitely has us reconsidering whether the slack was due. We think the Flip Knife paird with this rugged forest-like color scheme go hand-in-hand, and create a pretty cool knife. It looks even better in-game with the flip animation when you put it out and inspect it.

17. Flip Knife Ultraviolet - Field Tested

I (the editor of this article) have been sat here at my desk for five minutes straight, trying to think up a description for this knife. No words. How can you put into words the beauty of this knife's simplicity? It's really just two colors - purple and gray - but they go together so well. So well that it would simply not be possible to put into words.