The Best Blue CS2 Skins

They're blue daba dee daba die!

The majority of Counter-Strike 2 players will have an inventory lacking any coordination. There’ll be vanilla skins one round, a nice skin the next, and then a safari mesh the round after that.

But you’re not like them. You’re a person of taste, and there’s not many better ways of showing that than with a color-coordinated inventory.

In this list we’ll go through the best blue CS2 skins in the game so that you can build the perfect blue loadout.

1 . M4A1-S | Guardian (Factory New)

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M4A1-S | Guardian (Factory New)

The M4A1-S Guardian is one of the most iconic CT-sided skins, and a fine addition to any inventory. So when you’re going for a fully blue themed inventory, then getting this timeless classic is always a good move.

2 . AUG | Aristocrat (Factory New)

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AUG | Aristocrat (Factory New)

The AUG experienced a surge in popularity in 2019, so you want to make sure yours is looking suited and booted. To do so in blue, picking up a Factory New Aristocrat won’t break the bank but will keep you looking ready for any occasion.

3 . AK-47 | Blue Laminate (Factory New)

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AK-47 | Blue Laminate (Factory New)

With a low price tag of just $3, the Factory New AK-47 Blue Laminate is a great alternative to some of the more expensive AKs in this list when building out your blue inventory. With a simple blue-on-black pattern, it’s beauty in simplicity when rocking this skin.

4 . Galil AR | Blue Titanium (Factory New)

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Galil AR | Blue Titanium (Factory New)

For under $1, we’re surprised how nice this skin looks. As you might guess from the name “Blue Titanium”, the blue body of the gun has a metallic finish to it. The way this catches the light makes it look really premium and deserving of a much higher price tag.

5 . AK-47 | Frontside Misty (Minimal Wear)

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AK-47 | Frontside Misty (Minimal Wear)

It caught eyes when it was first released and it still does to this day. The Frontside Misty combines an electric blue with black and white (finally!!) and the end result is incredible. This is a blue skin that will really capture attention.

6 . M4A4 | Desolate Space (Factory New)

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M4A4 | Desolate Space (Factory New)

We’re a fan of this skin as although it’s not purely blue, it utilizes a bunch of different shades to give it a really unique feel. There’s dark blue on the bottom of the magazine and the barrel, which transitions to a lighter blue as the gun continues. This is the eerie, mysterious addition to the blue loadout in CS:GO.

7 . AWP | Corticera (Minimal Wear)

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AWP | Corticera (Minimal Wear)

The AWP Corticera is one of the cheaper AWP skins in CS:GO, and that works to our favor when it has a primarily-blue body! Here’s a perfect AWP choice if the other blue AWP on the list is out of budget like it is for most of us.

8 . M4A1-S | Nightmare (Minimal Wear)

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M4A1-S | Nightmare (Minimal Wear)

Valve might call this M4 a Nightmare, but to us its a heavenly blend of blues and blacks resulting in an almost otherworldly finish. It looks straight out of the Upside-Down for the fellow Stranger Things fans out there, and is one of the coolest blue skins in CS:GO.

9 . FAMAS | Cyanospatter (Minimal Wear)

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FAMAS | Cyanospatter (Minimal Wear)

When you can’t afford an M4 in a round, it’s great to have a blue skin to fall back to. Enter, the FAMAS Cyanospatter. Spattered with blotches of blue up and down the skin, it’s an inexpensive ($0.50) purchase to help build out that blue loadout.

10 . M4A4 | The Emperor (Field-Tested)

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M4A4 | The Emperor (Field-Tested)

Have you ever seen a more regal looking skin than this? Literally stamped with the approval of an Emperor and featuring a sunburst of gold emanating from the center of this skin, this skin is slightly more costly than the other blue skins on this list, but we’d say that’s justified if your go-to rifle on the CT side is the M4A4.

11 . AWP | Medusa (Minimal Wear)

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AWP | Medusa (Minimal Wear)

The AWP Medusa is one of the most expensive skins in CS:GO reaching into the region of $500, but we had to include it in this list because, as skins go, this one really holds a special place on the ladder of prestige.

12 . M4A1-S | Icarus Fell (Factory New)

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M4A1-S | Icarus Fell (Factory New)

Only available in Factory New (which speaks to its rarity), the Icarus Fell is one of the most stunning skins in CS:GO period, never mind just blue skins. The masterful blend of a ghostly light blue with a murky dark blue produces an effect that no skin has been able to replicate since.

13 . AUG | Anodized Navy (Factory New)

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AUG | Anodized Navy (Factory New)

Coming only in Factory New just like the Icarus Fell, the Anodized Navy is as plain as blue skins come. There’s blue everywhere there is color.

That’s it folks.

14 . M4A1-S | Hyper Beast (Field-Tested)

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M4A1-S | Hyper Beast (Field-Tested)

The Hyper Beast is something of an icon in CS:GO, going so far to have even spawned a mouse to be made in its design by SteelSeries. And it’s not hard to see why.

Featuring a fierce beast that coils its way around most of the gun and utilizing a whole spectrum of vivid colors (including blue!), this is truly a timeless skin.

15 . M4A4 | Poseidon (Minimal Wear)

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M4A4 | Poseidon (Minimal Wear)

What better image to slap onto a CS:GO skin that a greek god himself! Master of the seas Poseidon sits resident on this skin, and just like his aquatic realm, this skin is bathed in deep, hypnotic blues.

16 . USP-S | Guardian (Factory New)

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USP-S | Guardian (Factory New)

Accompanying the M4A1-S Guardian to the frontlines of any given emergency is the trusty USP-S Guardian. This skin has passed the test of time and remains as great a choice for your pistol slot as it ever was.

17 . P2000 | Fire Elemental (Field-Tested)

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P2000 | Fire Elemental (Field-Tested)

The fiery pattern on this gun might be the focus, but the deep blue is what occupies most of its surface area. For that reason, we’d say its place on this list is fully justified.

18 . Desert Eagle | Cobalt Disruption (Factory New)

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Desert Eagle | Cobalt Disruption (Factory New)

Cobalt Disruption is the most fitting name this skin could have been given. Shades of cobalt pass each other up and down the gun in a mesmerizing disorder, making it one of our favorite blue pistols in the game.

19 . Dual Berettas | Cobalt Quartz (Factory New)

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Dual Berettas | Cobalt Quartz (Factory New)

Due to the infrequent use of the Dual Berettas (or Dualies), you can pick up these stunners for under $1. The only thing better than one awesome blue pistol? Two of ‘em!

20 . Tec-9 | Ice Cap (Factory New)

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Tec-9 | Ice Cap (Factory New)

Charging into those B rushes with a Tec-9 Ice Cap is your guarantee to make a stylish entrance. The top of this gun has a really appealing icy image, with colors include blue and white and all the shades in between.

21 . CZ75-Auto | Poison Dart (Minimal Wear)

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CZ75-Auto | Poison Dart (Minimal Wear)

The CZ was widely adopted by many CS:GO players when the Tec-9 and Five-SeveN received a nerf, and as such it’s likely you’ll be using this skin a fair amount of times. For that reason, we’d say getting this frog-like patterning all in blue on the skin for just $1 is a solid trade.

22 . Glock-18 | Bunsen Burner (Factory New)

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Glock-18 | Bunsen Burner (Factory New)

Taking us back to chemistry lessons in school is this flaming weapon. Unlike its fiery name though, it’s a lovely blue flame that shoots along this skin’s barrel.

23 . P250 | Undertow (Minimal Wear)

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P250 | Undertow (Minimal Wear)

The P250 takes on an unusual pattern compared to many CS:GO skins, applying the bulk of color on the grip and bottom of the gun as opposed to the top. It’s refreshingly different, and as you can see from the color, a worthy candidate in this list.

24 . Desert Eagle | Midnight Storm (Minimal Wear)

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Desert Eagle | Midnight Storm (Minimal Wear)

With a similar look to the Desert Eagle Cobalt Destruction, we’d call this skin the “smoother” of the two. It replaces the jagged shapes with smooth transitions and looks all the more sublime for it.

25 . UMP-45 | Indigo (Factory New)

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UMP-45 | Indigo (Factory New)

This UMP is as plain as they come, but the solid, unbroken blue overlay makes it a perfect addition to your blue inventory to cover all your bases.

26 . MP7 | Asterion (Factory New)

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MP7 | Asterion (Factory New)

If this blue skin was on another weapon it’d be a lot more expensive than the modest $1 price tag on the MP7 Asterion. There’s a trippy effect weaving its way all over the skin to make this a unique skin which isn’t reflected by its price tag.

27 . MP7 | Cirrus (Factory New)

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MP7 | Cirrus (Factory New)

If the MP7 Asterion isn’t floating your boat, then there’s another skin you can get to meet your blue theme, and it’s also under $1! It’s the brighter, more alive version of the Asterion if you ask us.

28 . P90 | Traction (Minimal Wear)

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P90 | Traction (Minimal Wear)

What we love about the P90 Traction is how the patches of teal that run up and down the skin almost look engraved on. You can imagine running your hand over them and feeling the bumps as it moves across. For something as rare as that for under $1, we’d say this is a no-brainer to pick up.

29 . MAC-10 | Oceanic (Factory New)

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MAC-10 | Oceanic (Factory New)

What’s your go-to weapon to fight against an eco? For many people it’s the MAC-10, and you can outfit yours all in blue for not even $0.20.

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