List of the Absolute Cheapest CS2 Knives (Under $60!!)

Cheaper than a trip to the movies!

A knife in Counter-Strike 2 is the yin to an inventory's yang, a cheese to its macaroni, or the butter to its bread. Call it what you want - I'm sure everyone can agree a good knife completes an inventory.

So why do most players in CS2 stick with the default butter knife? I'm sure there are a few outliers that love the look of that thing, but for the majority of people there's one major factor: price. Knives are often just too damn expensive for the average player.

Total CS is changing that. Price was a problem.. until now. We've gone out and found the very best knives you can get for cheap prices. And when we say cheap, we mean it. Some knives in this article cost less than a pizza at your local pizzeria, or a ticket to the movies.

1 . ★ Shadow Daggers | Rust Coat (Battle-Scarred)

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★ Shadow Daggers | Rust Coat (Battle-Scarred)

Looking like something you’d arm yourself with if you found yourself in a junkyard during a zombie apocalypse, you’ll struggle to find knives with more menace to them in the game than the Shadow Daggers Rust Coat Battle Scarred. They even look unsafe just to hold. Thank goodness CS:GO player models wear gloves usually.

2 . ★ Gut Knife | Scorched (Field-Tested)

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★ Gut Knife | Scorched (Field-Tested)

We like to think of this skin as something out of an old black-and-white movie with a distorted color scheme. And still, the grey and the black goes together quite strikingly, making this a good choice if you’re going for a really budget knife.

3 . ★ Navaja Knife | Stained (Field-Tested)

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★ Navaja Knife | Stained (Field-Tested)

Something that’s great about the Stained series of knives and why they make for great cheap choices, is that they almost look Vanilla. With a metallic coloring on the blade and a standard handle on this Navaja Knife, you’ll find that the fact it’s Stained isn’t all that noticeable. And there’s a nice little knife hack to guide you on your shopping trip.

4 . ★ Gut Knife | Freehand (Field-Tested)

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★ Gut Knife | Freehand (Field-Tested)

You can buy a Freehand knife for under $60. You can buy a Freehand knife for under $60. Nope, still hasn’t sunk in. We actually can’t believe that the purple and silver mesmerizing patterns of the Freehand can be picked up for this low price, and with plenty of blade surface area to work with on the Gut Knife you’re really picking up a tapestry in knife form.

5 . ★ Gut Knife | Ultraviolet (Field-Tested)

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★ Gut Knife | Ultraviolet (Field-Tested)

The Ultraviolet series of skins is a timeless classic in CS:GO. It’s a constant reminder that purple and black look wicked together. The vivid purple handle is brought out in all its color with the black blade, making even the Gut Knife look stylish. This was like the Gut Knife getting dressed for prom; it’s probably not looking this good again for a while, so get all the pictures and playtime in with it while you can!

6 . ★ Gut Knife | Rust Coat (Battle-Scarred)

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★ Gut Knife | Rust Coat (Battle-Scarred)

If you’re getting a Rust Coat knife in any condition besides Battle Scarred, than at best you’re getting a “Moderately Weathered Coat”, which really doesn’t have the same ring to it. We want our Rust Coats to look like they’ve been left forgotten in Dad’s garage for 13 years, dammit!

7 . ★ Gut Knife | Bright Water (Battle-Scarred)

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★ Gut Knife | Bright Water (Battle-Scarred)

So here’s a cool one - you can pick up the fairly premium Bright Water skin for under $60 if you go for a Gut Knife! It’s one of the higher end knife finishes so you’ll have to settle for Battle Scarred, but we’re not mad about that all things considered!

8 . ★ Huntsman Knife | Boreal Forest (Battle-Scarred)

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★ Huntsman Knife | Boreal Forest (Battle-Scarred)

TIL that you can find Huntsman Knives for under $60! As cheap knives go, getting your hands on a design as sturdy and handsome as the Huntsman Knife is good going indeed. Good looks and a practical design: if that’s what you’re looking for, then look no further.

9 . ★ Gut Knife | Boreal Forest (Minimal Wear)

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★ Gut Knife | Boreal Forest (Minimal Wear)

As we’re looking at the cheapest CS:GO knives, it can be hard to find skins in good condition that you’d want to show off in your knife slot. But with the Gut Knife Boreal Forest Minimal Wear, you’ll carry a little bit of pristine forest around with you at all times. And it can never hurt to have a natural escape easily within each like that.

10 . ★ Bowie Knife | Boreal Forest (Battle-Scarred)

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★ Bowie Knife | Boreal Forest (Battle-Scarred)

The Battle Scarred nature of this Bowie Knife means that - while the green patterning is still visible - it’s a lot less pronounced than on other knives. This opens up plenty of room for the silver undertones you’d expect on a Vanilla knife. That means the opportunity to pick up the awesome Bowie Knife design while it still looking like a knife is possible for a really cheap price.

11 . ★ Huntsman Knife | Urban Masked (Battle-Scarred)

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★ Huntsman Knife | Urban Masked (Battle-Scarred)

This knife makes the list for the same reason as the other Huntsman - because it’s simply too good to pass up when looking at the budget!

12 . ★ Navaja Knife | Blue Steel (Field-Tested)

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★ Navaja Knife | Blue Steel (Field-Tested)

A soft blue on the blade, and a cracked wooden blade. It’s a fresh look - especially for long time CS:GO players - and really looks a lot more sophisticated than you’d expect for under $60. If you’re looking for a knife with finesse as opposed to brutish strength, then this might be it, chief.

13 . ★ Shadow Daggers | Crimson Web (Battle-Scarred)

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★ Shadow Daggers | Crimson Web (Battle-Scarred)

Crimson Web on a knife less than $60. This is possible due to our friends the Shadow Daggers who bring a splash of red to your inventory before you bring a splash of red to the map you’re playing (that is, unless you’re using our handy clear decals bind)! #ShamelessPlugOnThePlugs

14 . ★ Stiletto Knife | Scorched (Battle-Scarred)

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★ Stiletto Knife | Scorched (Battle-Scarred)

We can’t picture this knife having a better name than Stiletto Knife. And you’ll certainly be walking all over the competition when you stroll into the server with this on your belt. Your opponents probably won’t be able to catch it from afar on account of its slender frame, but you can bet they’ll know about it when you’re right behind them.

15 . ★ Gut Knife | Crimson Web (Battle-Scarred)

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★ Gut Knife | Crimson Web (Battle-Scarred)

When you consider the fact that the Crimson Web is one of the most valuable and sought after skin patterns there is in CS:GO, picking one up - even in Battle Scarred - is something of a status symbol. “I have a Crimson Web!” you can tell your friends. And if they do ask on what knife, you just go offline on Steam. But on the technicality, you got ‘em.

16 . ★ Flip Knife | Stained (Well-Worn)

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★ Flip Knife | Stained (Well-Worn)

It’s always a good idea to consider a Stained knife when looking for something cheap. The silver patterning simply makes it look like a normal knife with water stains. It’s not something that changes the look entirely, but it does lower the price. And just picture yourself flipping this out after landing a nasty AWP shot...that’s what the Flip Knife was made for if you ask us!

17 . ★ Gut Knife | Night (Minimal Wear)

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★ Gut Knife | Night (Minimal Wear)

We won’t say we left the best skin till last, but we left the best skin till last. A Minimal Wear Night skin is the height of class, looking as sleek and polished as they come. That you can buy this knife on a budget of $60 is a total (CS:GO) bargain.

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