The Best Green CS2 Stickers

No blue. No red. Just green.

When it comes to decorating your inventory in CS2, everyone has a different approach. Some people leave it plain. Some people outfit it with the most flashy skins possible.

But some, like you, color coordinate to make for the coolest kind of inventories possible. And if you really want to push how uniform you can make your inventory, you can even keep your stickers to a central color theme.

That’s why we’ve collated the best green CS2 stickers there are which you can find below.

1 . The Awper

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The Awper

If you’re the team’s designated user of the Big Green Gun, then you’ll be happy to know that the sticker for your role is that key color: green!

2 . Dragon (Foil)

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Dragon (Foil)

Dragons can come in all shapes and colors as fans of fantasy will well know (looking at you, RuneScape fans), and it just so happens in the Dragon (Foil) sticker in CS:GO its painted with a stunning, lively green.

3 . OpTic Gaming | Atlanta 2017

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OpTic Gaming | Atlanta 2017

Any of the stickers from OpTic Gaming attending a CS:GO Major will fit into our green theme, but none look quite as vibrant as their commemorative sticker from the first ELEAGUE Major in Atlanta.

4 . The Zombie

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The Zombie

It wants your brains, and you want its fine green corpse to add to the design of your weapons. And we can’t blame you!

5 . Flipsid3 Tactics | Atlanta 2017

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Flipsid3 Tactics | Atlanta 2017

Just like with the OpTic Gaming sticker, you can find any of the F3 stickers from the Majors they’ve attended that will fit into a green loadout, we’re just particular fans of this one as it combines the green logo with a green background.

6 . Drug War Veteran

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Drug War Veteran

Could we ever make a list of green stickers in CS:GO without including the iconic Drug War Veteran sticker? Often seen on Hydroponic skins, this skin is a staple if you’re looking to build out a collection of green stickers.

7 . I Conquered

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I Conquered

Sporting the iconic phrase Veni, Vidi, Vici which means I came, I saw, I conquered in Latin, this sticker would be one of the most badass that exists in CS:GO even if it wasn’t featuring a green dragon soaring into the sky.

8 . Toxic (Foil)

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Toxic (Foil)

Another beastial sticker to fit into our green category is the Toxic (Foil). It showcases a giant venomous snake with its fangs bared, in such a way we hope it doesn’t make your hands shake as you line up that crucial AWP shot.

9 . Massive Pear

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Massive Pear

The Massive Pear is one of the more playful stickers in this collection (if that wasn’t clear from its name), as it features a sunshade-wearing pear holding what appears to be a MAC-10. As if our self-esteem didn’t need another blow, we just learned that a piece of fruit looks cooler than us.

10 . Zombie Lover

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Zombie Lover

A brilliant sticker to pair with The Zombie from earlier on in this list is the Zombie Lover. The rose clenched in its teeth is a bizarre juxtaposition to how zombies are usually perceived, but you know what? We’re there for it.

11 . Devouring Flame

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Devouring Flame

Ever had a nightmare that the molotov cocktail you threw so cruelly (I mean, you literally light the poor fellow on fire and then throw it to the ground) came back to life to haunt you? No, that’s just us? Nevermind. Anyway, this is probably how that scene would look like.

12 . Salute!

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ATTENNNN...ION! You’ll need to snap to duty whenever this military sticker is showing, dressed from head to toe in green uniform.

There you have it - 12 green stickers to lift your inventory coordination to the next level in CS:GO.

There’s some really cool themes in this list from zombies to mythical creatures, so we think the use of green stickers stands out as one of the coolest sticker themes in the game!

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