All 10 Halo Stickers in CS:GO

Goodbye to boring stickers. Halo to these.

When Valve released the Halo Capsule in November 2019, they released 10 different sticker designs that celebrated two legendary shooter franchises in CS:GO and 343 Industries’s Halo.

Naturally there’s a lot of crossover in fans of Halo and Counter-Strike, meaning the Halo stickers instantly became some of the coolest designs you could slap on the side of your gun.

These are the 10 Halo stickers that you can find in the Halo Capsule. Several of them are also available in Holo or Foil condition.

1 . Killjoy

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We’d love this sticker even if it didn’t come out of the Halo Capsule, so the fact that it does only helps. It uses a wicked combination of red and black, and the crossed-out face used to represent the Killjoy medal in the franchise.

2 . Legendary

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Halo veterans will recognize this as the symbol for the most difficult setting of campaign mode. When you charge into battle with this on your weapon, the enemy team better know they’re facing off against a pro.

3 . Assassin

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Utilizing the same knife image from the Assassin commendation in Halo 4, this skin is a perfect addition to CS:GO. Why is that? Because if there’s one thing we’ll do no matter how stupid it seems, that’s going for the knife.

4 . Noble

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Rep your side! If you’re Team Noble on Halo, then you’ll be able to show off that insignia in CS:GO now with this sticker.

5 . Chief

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The iconic symbol of Halo. An iconic symbol of gaming itself. Slap the Master Chief helmet on the side of your gun to add an instant element of class and respect to your loadout.

6 . Incineration

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Halo is no stranger to explosive weaponry. While CS:GO is not quite on the same level as it, we can still see this sticker being hyper relevant when you’re cooking in a molotov or getting naded out.

7 . Mister Chief

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Mister Chief

Where Chief adds an intimidating layer to your weapon, the much more meme-y Mister Chief is your comedic relief accompaniment. If you were always a fan of spotting the less-official version online, then this is the sticker to rep.

8 . Dirty Money

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Dirty Money

This sticker does what every great collab should do for fans. To the uninitiated, it’s a dollar note that looks pretty cool to slap on your weapon. But with a closer look at the number one-one-seven, you realize how perfect the sticker is for this Halo collab as it pays homage to its main character.

9 . Extermination

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Featuring a design similar to the awesome Killjoy sticker, Extermination is another item in this collab that ties into a medal achieved in Halo. It’s devilishly difficult to get, as you must kill all of the opposing members of the team so quickly that they all lie dead at the same time.

10 . Spartan

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An iconic symbol to run into battle with, the Spartan sticker pictures the logo used to reference the Spartans in Halo, which are the armored supersoldiers you’re so familiar with seeing.

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