The Best Purple CS2 Stickers

Purple stickers go well with any color. Fact.

We’re all about skins at Total CS and, more specifically, how you can pick up the best kind of skins for the lowest prices.

And there’s not much you can to spruce up your look on the budget that looks cooler than coordinating the stickers you put on your guns. When you see someone in the server doing that, you know they take style seriously.

And if your favorite color is purple then you are in the right place, as we’ve prepared a list of all the best purple CS2 stickers there are.

1 . The Lurker

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The Lurker

Whether or not this skin sums up your role in CS:GO as the sneaky beaky guy on your team (or baiter, to some cynics), you can’t deny it has a lovely deep purple color and looks wonderful coordinated with some of the other stickers on this list.

2 . Basilisk (Foil)

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Basilisk (Foil)

The Basilisk (Foil) REALLY comes into its own. The extra vividness that the Foil sticker gives the purple hide of the beast a real appeal. It would be easy for us not look into the Basilisks’ fatal eyes when the rest of it is so beautiful to look at.

3 . Silent Ninja (Foil)

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Silent Ninja (Foil)

Our spirit animal when we’re attempting to ninja defuse, the Silent Ninja (foil) is clothed in purple dressings all over aside from a slit to give him vision. Just don’t screw up that ninja defuse if you have this guy watching you.

4 . Perry

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Looking like some sort of undead motorcyclist that’s about to try and convince us to try his organic lemonade, the purple bandana on Perry makes this figurehead a unique addition to this list of purple stickers.

5 . Fight like a Girl

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Fight like a Girl

The Fight Like a Girl sticker is easily one of our favorite purple stickers in CS:GO. With a backdrop of roses and featuring the wonderful CZ75-Auto The Fuschia is Now, this is an overload of purple, and we’re all for it.

6 . Free Hugs (Holo)

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Free Hugs (Holo)

Free Hugs from that octopus? We appreciate the sentiment but we’re not too sure about signing on to that. We can definitely appreciate our friendly fishy companion.

7 . Chabo

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Is this a purple sticker? We’d say there’s definitely sections of purple around this very adorable looking chicken, making it a perfect accompaniment to another lighter purple sticker from this list.

8 . London Conspiracy | Cologne 2014

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London Conspiracy | Cologne 2014

London Conspiracy is an esports team that competed in a few CS:GO Majors towards the beginning of the circuit, and their purple logo means that any skins commemorating them are a great fit for a purple loadout.

9 . BukAWP

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Chickens and AWPs. Does anything scream CS:GO as much as that iconic pair? We’d be open to suggestions, but we’d say a purple sticker combining those two deities is a pretty awesome one indeed.

10 . One Sting

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One Sting

I really hate scorpions, so I’ll keep this short: it’s a purple scorpion.

11 . Aces High

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Aces High

Skeletons don’t always wear top hats, but when they do they pull them off with such effortless class that they become immortalized with a CS:GO sticker.

12 . Legendary Eagle Master (Holo)

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Legendary Eagle Master (Holo)

The Sticker collection of the different ranks in CS:GO has some real beauties in it, this spread-winged eagle being one of the finest to commemorate the LEM rank.

13 . Master Guardian Elite (Holo)

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Master Guardian Elite (Holo)

The purple undertones to this sticker, along with the crossed AK’s and the very vicious looking face in the center make for one badass sticker.

14 . Fearsome

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Fearsome about sums this one up. A roaring animal in a bed of flames really is a strong warning sign to the opposing team to take you seriously.

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