The Best Purple CS2 Skins

Pink? Too girly. Blue? Too mainstream. Purple? Oh yeah.

Pink's not your thing and blue isn't either? Purple's the color for you. Or maybe you like all of those colors and we're just waffling so that we have a good introduction to this article. Who knows?

Anyhow, we'll stop getting bogged down with who likes pink and who likes blue and get back on track with the subject of this article: purple CS2 skins. If you don't think you like purple skins, after reading this article you're going to have a new opinion (because oh boy do some purple skins look great). If you already know you like them (or love them), get ready to feel all hot and bothered as there are some true beauties in this article.

Below is Total CS' list of purple Counter-Strike 2 skins - a great resource for those trying to build up a purple themed CS2 loadout, or those just trying to add a dash of purple to their inventory.

1 . Five-SeveN | Violent Daimyo (Factory New)

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Five-SeveN | Violent Daimyo (Factory New)

At just 40 cents, you're really making a mistake if you don't pick up the Violent Daimyo for your loadout - purple or regular. The subtle but cool patterning covering the gun is a very nice touch that, together with the look and vibe of this gun, makes it a very serious consideration as our favorite Five-SeveN skin.

2 . MAC-10 | Ultraviolet (Minimal Wear)

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MAC-10 | Ultraviolet (Minimal Wear)

When you're looking for purple MAC-10s you've got two options. Did we say two? We meant one. This is the only purple MAC-10 skin, but it's really all you need. It's got a nice balance of purple painted details and matte black finish. With inventories commonly being jam-packed with skins that are exploding with color, we think something a little more tame like this is perfect for everyone.

3 . UMP-45 | Moonrise (Factory New)

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UMP-45 | Moonrise (Factory New)

All we're gonna say is the UMP-45 Moonrise is making our Moodrise. Ok, that was bad, our condolences for having to read that. But seriously, at $1, this skin is nothing short of a bargain.

4 . Glock-18 | Moonrise (Factory New)

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Glock-18 | Moonrise (Factory New)

Alright, only the top of this gun is purple, but it's the closest you're gonna get on a Glock (seriously, we've checked them all). If not for the color, you've gotta love the design and feel. There's something magical about a moon rising over a city like the one pictured on this gun.

5 . SG 553 | Ultraviolet (Field-Tested)

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SG 553 | Ultraviolet (Field-Tested)

Who knew that Ultraviolet wasn't just a knife skin? Not us, that's for sure. And unlike the knives, the SG 553 Ultraviolet doesn't cost hundreds of dollars, just two, in fact. If you're going for a purple inventory, you just have to get the gun that is has Ultra and violet in its name.

6 . FAMAS | Pulse (Factory New)

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FAMAS | Pulse (Factory New)

The FAMAS pulse is definitely making our hearts pulse (and pupils dilate), because we're in love. Not only is this the "most purple" FAMAS skin you're gonna find on the market, but it's up there with the "most cool" too. Those irregular cracked purple and pink shapes look like something you'd find in a movie set in the year 2100.

7 . CZ75-Auto | Xiangliu (Factory New)

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CZ75-Auto | Xiangliu (Factory New)

Named like some Chinese mega-city you haven't heard of, the Xiangliu is definitely bring some mega-style to the CZ75-Auto skin line up. If you're a fan of Asian designs, this CZ is for you. Even if not, you've gotta admit the patterns are pretty gorgeous.

8 . Nova | Hyper Beast (Factory New)

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Nova | Hyper Beast (Factory New)

What's worse than getting one-banged with a Nova? Getting one-banged with a Nova Hyper Beast. Why? Because not only are you sad you got wrecked by a Nova, but you're going to be envious of that super sick skin your opponent has. On a more serious note, the Nova Hyper Beast has to be undisputed as the best Nova skin you can get. Take a look at all the others and you'll see what we mean.

9 . Galil AR | Sugar Rush (Minimal Wear)

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Galil AR | Sugar Rush (Minimal Wear)

All we know is the designer of this skin was under the influence of a sugar rush (or something else) when they made this, because the design on this Galil is crazy! If you're a fan of groovy colorful designs, then the Galil AR Sugar Rush is perfect for you.

10 . P250 | Vino Primo (Minimal Wear)

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P250 | Vino Primo (Minimal Wear)

The Minimal Wear condition Vino Primo is going to save you over 50% of the Factory New's price, so it's definitely worth going for. And if the price isn't a concern for you, the design has to be somewhat attractive. It might look like something you'd find on a table cloth at your grandma's house, but we think the checkerboard patterning looks pretty sweet and makes the P250 Vino Primo stand out.

11 . G3SG1 | Flux (Factory New)

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G3SG1 | Flux (Factory New)

When the time comes for you to whip out the auto in competitive, you really don't want it to be naked with no skin. That's where the Flux comes into play. The awesome purple camo-like pattern is mystifying and is for-sure going to get your teammates asking "how much did it cost?". Little do they know, it cost you next to nothing, because auto skins are cheap AF. If you're not bothered about condition, the G3SG1 Flux can cost as low as $2.

12 . M4A1-S | Decimator (Factory New)

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M4A1-S | Decimator (Factory New)

This gun really has decimated the competition. It's got the funky futuristic looks. There's the right amount and contrast of colors. And of course, it's available at a decent price, with Factory New conditions sometimes costing less than $10. If you use the M4A1-S, this is something to have in your inventory.

13 . M4A4 | Desolate Space (Minimal Wear)

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M4A4 | Desolate Space (Minimal Wear)

The skull in a space suit really does add an element of eeriness to this skin. Couple that with the mystical blue and purple coloring, and what you've got is a skin that both amazes and perplexes - those are two features you want in a skin.

14 . Five-SeveN | Hyper Beast (Minimal Wear)

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Five-SeveN | Hyper Beast (Minimal Wear)

We're not quite sure if this skin is purple, pink, blue, or green, but we are sure that it's awesome and worth getting hyper for. At $20 for Minimal Wear conditions, it's the most expensive Five-SeveN you can get your hands on, but we're not surprised. Looks like those on this gun shouldn't come cheap.

15 . AK-47 | Neon Rider (Minimal Wear)

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AK-47 | Neon Rider (Minimal Wear)

With a balanced mix of purple, pink, and blue paint, the AK-47 Neon Rider is not only an excellent skin for a purple inventory, but fits in with a blue or pink loadout too. The funky futuristic design is perfect for anyone who wants to add a little bit of "BAM" to their CS:GO skin collection.

16 . AWP | Oni Taiji (Well-Worn)

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AWP | Oni Taiji (Well-Worn)

So it's not entirely purple, but we thought we'd include the AWP Oni Taiji anyway because it's just too damn awesome to skip. The samurai and Oni patterns that cover most of the gun add a level of personality that we haven't seen on any other weapon. If you're a fan of Asian design, or want to make a statement with your AWP skin, the Oni Taiji is for you.

17 . AWP | Lightning Strike (Factory New)

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AWP | Lightning Strike (Factory New)

It's not just the lightning on this gun that's striking: its looks are too. With a fascinating lightning bolt stretching the entire length of the gun and a deep purple coating, the AWP Lightning Strike is not only perfect for a purple loadout - it's perfect for any loadout.

18 . ★ Flip Knife | Ultraviolet (Field-Tested)

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★ Flip Knife | Ultraviolet (Field-Tested)

The Ultraviolet is a popular skin, with better conditions running costs over $300. Fortunately, lower conditions like Field Tested cost a lot less - the one pictured above is $75. So, if you can't afford an expensive knife for your inventory, the Flip Knife Ultraviolet saves you from having to make any compromise. It has everything you need in a knife: looks, class, and of course, purple color.

19 . ★ Bayonet | Doppler (Factory New)

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★ Bayonet | Doppler (Factory New)

It's not cheap, but you can see why. The Bayonet Doppler is a must-have to complete any purple loadout. A sleek, thin blade like the Bayonet's paired with a dreamy fade of purple that the Doppler brings is pure bliss. Simply put, this knife is a work of art.

20 . ★ Gut Knife | Doppler (Factory New)

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★ Gut Knife | Doppler (Factory New)

If you like the Gut Knife, and you like the color purple, then we've found the perfect knife for you. With the Doppler's interesting fades of purple on the two halves of the blade, the Gut Knife Doppler really does stand out. Not only does it stand out in looks, but its price stands out too - costing less than $75 on third party skin marketplaces.

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