Name Syntax Description
sv_reservation_timeout sv_reservation_timeout [Seconds] This command sets the amount of time, in seconds, before a lobby reservation expires.
sv_search_key sv_search_key [Key] This command sets the search key for dedicated servers you search for when in a lobby. Only servers with keys that match this key will be returned from the search. Set to 0 to disable.
sv_search_team_key sv_search_team_key
sv_server_graphic1 sv_server_graphic1
sv_server_graphic2 sv_server_graphic2
sv_server_verify_blood_on_player sv_server_verify_blood_on_player [0 / 1] This command sets whether or not blood splatters should be verified with the server. Default is 1 (enabled).
sv_show_cull_props sv_show_cull_props [0 / 1] This command, if enabled (1), prints a list of props that are being culled. By default this is set to 0 (disabled).
sv_showimpacts sv_showimpacts [0 / 1 / 2 / 3] This command can be used to show bullet impacts. Bullet impacts are shown as colored squares at the location your bullets collided with something (e.g. a player, a wall). See argument information for help.
sv_showimpacts_penetration sv_showimpacts_penetration [0 / 1] This command, if enabled (1), shows extra information at the impact locations when sv_showimpacts is on. Default is disabled (0).
sv_showimpacts_time sv_showimpacts_time [Seconds] This command sets the amount of time, in seconds, that bullet impact squares show for before they are removed. Default is 4 seconds.
sv_showlagcompensation sv_showlagcompensation [0 / 1] This command enables (if set to 1) the lag compensated hitboxes of players. Default is 0 (disabled).
sv_showtags sv_showtags This command prints to console the current server's public and private gametags.
sv_shutdown sv_shutdown This command will make the server shutdown after the current match (and any in queue) have ended.
sv_skyname sv_skyname [Skybox Code] This can be used to change your client's skybox. Specify the name of a skybox to apply that skybox. See argument information for skybox names.
sv_soundemitter_reload sv_soundemitter_reload This command flushes the sounds.txt system.
sv_soundscape_printdebuginfo sv_soundscape_printdebuginfo
sv_spawn_afk_bomb_drop_time sv_spawn_afk_bomb_drop_time [Seconds] This command sets the amount of time, in seconds, that a player much be AFK for in order for the bomb to be dropped.
sv_spec_hear sv_spec_hear [0 - 4] This command sets which voice communications spectators can hear. Seea rgument information for help.
sv_specaccelerate sv_specaccelerate [Multiplier] This command sets the acceleration multiplier for spectators in noclip mode.
sv_specnoclip sv_specnoclip [0 / 1] This command, if set to 1, enables noclip mode for spectators. Default is 1 (eabled).
sv_specspeed sv_specspeed [Multiplier] This command sets the speed multiplier for spectators in noclip mode.
sv_staminajumpcost sv_staminajumpcost [Penalty] This command sets the stamina penalty you receive after jumping. The stamina penalty reduces your movement speed by this percentage (0.08 = 8%).
sv_staminalandcost sv_staminalandcost [Penalty] This command sets the stamina penalty you receive after landing from a jump. The amount given is the percentage your speed is reduced by. 1 = you speed is reduced by 100%, 0.5 = 50%.
sv_staminamax sv_staminamax [Maximum] This command sets the maximum stamina penalty that you can receive. After reaching this value, your stamina penalty will not go any higher. Default is 80.
sv_staminarecoveryrate sv_staminarecoveryrate [Units/s] This command sets the rate at which your stamina recovers (in units per second). Default is 60.
sv_steamgroup sv_steamgroup [Group ID] This command sets the offical Steam group of the server. The ID can be found in your group's admin profile page.
sv_steamgroup_exclusive sv_steamgroup_exclusive [0 / 1 / 2] This command can be used to whitelist your server to only those in the server's Steam group (sv_steamgroup). Default is 0 (no whitelist). See argument information for settings.
sv_stopspeed sv_stopspeed [Speed] This command sets the speed at which your player stops moving completely. When a player's speed is below this value, they will stop moving.
sv_stressbots sv_stressbots
sv_tags sv_tags [Tags] This command sets the server's tags that show in the community server browser. Separate each tag with a comma.
sv_ugc_manager_max_new_file_check_interval_secs sv_ugc_manager_max_new_file_check_interval_secs
sv_unlockedchapters sv_unlockedchapters
sv_usercmd_custom_random_seed sv_usercmd_custom_random_seed
sv_validate_edict_change_infos sv_validate_edict_change_infos
sv_visiblemaxplayers sv_visiblemaxplayers [Amount] This command can be used to set a "maximum players" number that's visible to people in the server browser and server queries. This number is only for show, and the actual maximum number of players that can join is set by the "maxplayers" command.
sv_voiceenable sv_voiceenable [0 / 1] This command sets whether or not voice is enabled on the server. Default is 1 (enabled).
sv_vote_allow_in_warmup sv_vote_allow_in_warmup [0 / 1] This command sets whether or not votes (e.g. vote to kick) are allowed during the warmup. Default is 0 (disabled).
sv_vote_allow_spectators sv_vote_allow_spectators [0 / 1] This command sets whether or not votes (e.g. vote for timeout) can be called or voted on by spectators. Default is 0 (disabled).
sv_vote_command_delay sv_vote_command_delay [Seconds] This command sets the delay, in seconds, before the action resulting from a vote happens. If this is set to 2, a player would be kicked 2 seconds after the vote has reached a decision.
sv_vote_creation_timer sv_vote_creation_timer [Seconds] This command sets how often each player can call a vote, in seconds.
sv_vote_failure_timer sv_vote_failure_timer [Seconds] This command sets how long a player must wait before re-submitting a vote that has failed, in seconds. Default is 300.
sv_vote_issue_kick_allowed sv_vote_issue_kick_allowed [0 / 1] This command sets whether or not vote to kick players is enabled. Default is 1 (enabled).
sv_vote_issue_loadbackup_allowed sv_vote_issue_loadbackup_allowed [0 / 1] This command sets whether or not players can vote to load match from the most recent backup. Default is 1 (enabled).
sv_vote_kick_ban_duration sv_vote_kick_ban_duration [Minutes] This command sets the amount of time, in minutes, that a vote kick bans a player from the server for. Set to 0 to disable. Default is 15.
sv_vote_quorum_ratio sv_vote_quorum_ratio [Percentage] This command sets the percentage of players that must vote in favor of an action in order for it to take place. 0.5 = 50%, 0.4 = 40%, etc.
sv_vote_timer_duration sv_vote_timer_duration [Seconds] This command sets the duration, in seconds, that players have to vote for a vote that has been called.
sv_workshop_allow_other_maps sv_workshop_allow_other_maps [0 / 1] This command sets whether or not workshop maps outside of the server's map cycle can be played on the server. By default this is enabled (1).
users users
version version
cvarlist cvarlist [Command] This command prints to console a list of all console commands (cvars). You can optionally specify part of a command's name as parameter, and only commands that contain that will be listed.
host_writeconfig_ss host_writeconfig_ss [Splitscreen Index] This command will save your server settings to the config.cfg file with the specified splitscreen index.